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Deal Image Toolcraft Black Nitride AR15/M16/M4 Bolt Carrier Group - MPI Bolt - $129.95 (Right To Bear Arms And Supply)
Updated: 11/20/2020 (2 months ago)
This black nitride BCG from Toolcraft is a popular choice for AR-15, M4 and M16 builds due to its mil-spec design and lifetime warranty.
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Deal Image Anderson Anodized M4 Stripped Upper Receiver, Black - $59.95 (Right To Bear Arms And Supply)
Updated: 10/22/2020 (3 months ago)
Anderson Anodized Upper Receiver. AR15-A3 Upper M4 feed ramps. Mil-Std 1913 Rail for mounting optics and accessories. Machined for use with barrels that use an M4 barrel extension. Made in the U.S.A.
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Deal Image AO Precision Premium Mil-Spec Phosphate AR15/M16 Bolt Carrier Group - 158 HPT/MPI BCG - $119.99 (Right To Bear Arms And Supply)
Added: 12/1/2019 (14 months ago)
These Military surplus 158 Bolt carrier groups are manufactured by AO Precision to the exacting standards of the US Military. AO makes these HPT / MPI BCG's for other Military contractor juggernauts, such as FN America. All bolts are rigorously inspected and are individually High Pressure Tested and then go through a Magnetic Particle Inspection.
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Deal Image AR15 80% Raw Lower Receiver (Cerro Forge) w/ Safety Engraving Option - $59.95 (Right To Bear Arms And Supply)
Added: 8/29/2018 (29 months ago)
The 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver is NOT an FFL item. These units are forged by Cerro, which produces the forgings for companies such as Colt, Spikes Tactical Daniel Defense, DPMS and other major manufacturers. The ATF classifies these units as non-firearms. These units are finished in the white, tumbled and are ready to be bead blasted before either Anodizing or Cerakote finishing. 80% Machined (Just needs trigger and safety well machined) 7075 Aluminum T6 Heat Treated Magwells are flared and broached Cerro Forge (KeyHole)
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Deal Image Fail Zero M16/Full Auto Nickel Boron EXO Bolt Carrier Group - BCG - $149.95 (Right To Bear Arms And Supply)
Updated: 3/16/2017 (47 months ago)
FailZero manufactures the EXO Nickel Boron bolt carrier group for the M16 but is also the preferred BCG for the M4 and AR15. The Nickel Boron BCGs from FailZero and WMD both have protective coating, but FailZero makes an EXO NiB BCG that requires no lubrication. Nickel Boron treated parts include: Bolt & Extractor (5.56/.223 compatible) Bolt Carrier Extractor Cam Pin Carrier Key Firing Pin
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