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Deal Image Olympic Arms AR15/M16 A1/A2 5" Carry Handle Scope Mount - $7.00 (Olympic Arms)
Added: 12/25/2017 (17 months ago)
Fixed carry handle scope mount, for A1 or A2 5" fixed carry handle uppers. Made in the USA by Olympic Arms from extruded aluminum. Hard annodized finish.
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Deal Image Olympic Arms AR-15/M16 A2 Rear Sight Assembly - $70.20 (Olympic Arms)
Updated: 10/26/2017 (19 months ago)
A2 Rear Sight Assembly, E-2 sight assembly, fully adjustable. Only fits A2 upper receivers - DOES NOT fit A1 carry handles. The Olympic Arms Plinker Plus Compact and Plinker Plus 20 models use A1 uppers and A1 rear sights.
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Deal Image Olympic Arms 16" Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) Profile 1:9 Barrel With A2 Front Sight Base, New - $104.95 (Olympic Arms)
Added: 4/11/2017 (26 months ago)
More barrels from a cancelled export order. His loss - your gain.For Sale are 16" 4140 Chromemoly steel Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) Contour barrels.These barrels were originally chambered in SAAMI .223 Remington for export (and are stamped as such), but have been re-chambered to the more universal 5.56 NATO. All barrels are button rifled Standard Match-Grade barrels with a 1x9 twist (6 lands and grooves), and manufactured from 4140 chromemoly steel Bar stock here by Olympic Arms. Barrels ship with barrel nut, and standard military A-frame front sight base. Barrels are threaded standard 1/2" x 28 tpi. As stated, these barrels are re-chambered from SAAMI standard .223 Remington into NATO 5.56 and may contain remnants of the original .223 stampings. Parkerized finish. These barrels are 100% new, headspaced to GI bolt and test fired. They were installed on uppers, and removed - some assembly wear will be visible.
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