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Deal Image Long Range Steel Target Kit - Free Shipping - $100.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 2/15/2016 (93 months ago)
10x20" steel 1/4" AR400 target, with a-frame brackets and firehose hang kit, for use with long range rifle. Rated for 5.56x45mm @ 300 yards and 7.62x51mm @ 500 yards.
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Deal Image AR500 Rifle and Pistol Target Starter Kit, Free Shipping! - $55.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 1/19/2016 (94 months ago)
This kit includes almost everything you need to start shooting right away: A-Frame 2x4 set ($35) A Firehose target mounting kit ($11) One 3/8 inch thick 8" round AR500 steel target User provides pipe or conduit for legs and 2x4 wood for cross bar Free USPS shipping
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Deal Image Mini-Mozambique AR500 Steel Reactive Pistol And Rifle Target - Free Shipping! - $330.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 9/21/2015 (98 months ago)
MOA's new Mini Mozambique is available for preorder, shipping early October. 2/3 scale version of the full size MO. Built specifically for 9x19mm and 5.56x45mm. Price is $330, goes up to $375 Oct 1.
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Deal Image MOA 22LR Steel Targets, 6" Diameter 15 Pack - Free Shipping! - $30.00 (MOA Targets)
Updated: 6/16/2015 (101 months ago)
Each target is six (6) inches in diameter, made from 3/16 inch (0.1875") thick mild steel. These targets do not have holes for mounting, but can be drilled with a high speed steel bit by the end user. These targets should only be used with rimfire ammunition, 12 yard minimum. Free Shipping!
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Deal Image 3/8 Inch AR400 Steel Oops Target - $55.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 5/13/2015 (102 months ago)
These shield shaped 3/8" AR400 targets are oops targets, and measure approximately 15"x14.5". They're made of AR400 and you probably should stick to pistols. For the price, you're getting a great magnum pistol target, that will hold up to rifles at 250 yards without a problem.
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Deal Image Rimfire Steel NRA Silhouette Targets (Chicken, Ram, Pig, Turkey) - $55.00 (MOA Targets)
Updated: 4/16/2015 (103 months ago)
NRA Small Bore sized Ram, Pig, Turkey, and Chicken silhouette targets, made of 1/4" AR400 steel, with welded 1x2" base plates, as specified by the NRA Silhouette Programs. Bases are slotted, allowing the targets to be used unwelded or welded, and greatly easing the task of welding. Overall rough target dimensions are: 5.5x6.5" (Ram). 3x4.5" (Pig), 4.75x3.75" (Turkey), and 2.4x2.7" (Chicken). Great for practicing for your local Small Bore matches, or for setting up your own. These targets are suitable for rimfire only, and are eligible for flat rate shipping.
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Deal Image 1" Thick x 8" Diameter AR500 Gong Target - $100.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 3/3/2015 (105 months ago)
Other diameters available with drop down box at site. One inch thick AR500 steel targets are intended to be used with .50 BMG rounds at 100 yards. All sizes of this item are eligible for shipping flat rate USPS, and qualify for free USPS shipping on orders of $150 or more.
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Deal Image MOA Targets 'Showdown' AR500 Steel Dueling Tree - $300.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 2/20/2015 (105 months ago)
Pistol and rifle rated dueling tree. Truck and base rated to stop rifle rounds, built for pistol function. Four paddles on the base model, upgradable for six or eight paddle version. DIY kits available.
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Deal Image POPQUIZ AR500 Reactive Hostage Target System (Full package: 50% IPSC, POPQUIZ, 20" base) - $187.00 (MOA Targets)
Updated: 2/10/2015 (105 months ago)
MOA's hostage head swinger system is designed to convert a 50% IPSC Metric target (approximatly 15"x9", or 3.75 hands x 2.25 hands) into a reactive hostage target. With a 4" diameter AR500 3/8" target as the bad guy, your POPQUIZ system gives you a half scale target rated for magnum pistols at 12 yards, and intermediate rifles at 100 yards.
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Deal Image MOA Gong/Targets A-Frame Brackets - $35.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 1/31/2015 (106 months ago)
Brackets for setting up your own A-Frame. Crossbar and legs are sold separately. Made of 3/8" AR500, this pair of A-Frame brackets will require additional equipment to utilize. Namely, you need four pieces of pipe or square tubing and a crossbar, all available at your hardware store.
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Deal Image AR400 Steel Pistol Target, 8" Round 1/4" : Two Hole - $17.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 1/19/2015 (106 months ago)
This eight (8) inch diameter target is crafted of the finest CNC Laser cut 1/4" (0.25) AR400, with two square mounting holes intended for use with 3/8" carriage bolts. I like to hang pistol targets with two points of contact, to reduce spin. It's suitable for non-magnum pistol calibers at a minimum of 12 yards. Rimfire rifles, including 17HMR and 17HM2 can be used at 25 yards. This target is eligible for $5 flat rate USPS shipping.
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Deal Image Spinning Rifle - Pistol AR500 Steel Target System - Free Shipping! - $175.00 (MOA Targets)
Added: 1/7/2015 (106 months ago)
New item from MOA Targets, a rifle rated spinner. Package ships for free, does not include legs or crossbar (buy at local hardware store).
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