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Deal Image Hybrid 80% Freedom AR-15 Lower Receiver and Jig NOTE: Use Coupon Code LAUNCH To Get This Price! - $59.97 (Guns 80)
Added: 1/3/2021 (18 days ago)
Here at Guns80, we are launching a new product for Hybrid 80. This new 80% lower is called the Freedom. Use coupon code LAUNCH to get 40% off. This lower is the most durable 80% lower on the market. It is made with 50/50 glass filled nylon, and still has all the brass inserts to strengthen the lower.
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Deal Image AR15 Armorer's Combo Wrench, Upper And Lower Vise Block's - $35.00 (Guns 80)
Added: 12/21/2020 (1 month ago)
AR15 Armorer's Combo Wrench, Upper And Lower Vise Block's
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Deal Image Hybrid-80 Liberator Cosmetic BLEMS AR15 80% Lower And Jig, Black - $50.00 (Guns 80)
Added: 12/7/2020 (2 months ago)
This Product is ready to ship.Hybrid 80% AR-15 Lower Cosmetic Blem and Jig.What can we say about the new Hybrid-80 Liberator. This is THE TOUGHEST polymer 80% lower we have ever seen. They sent us a sample and we beat it, ran it over with a car, and it survived! They took the standard AR-15 lower, kicked it up with glass-filled nylon, and inserted brass rings in the buffer tower and pistol grip screw. The kit includes: 80% Polymer AR15 Lower Cosmetic Blem Receiver Polymer Jig Trigger Hole Drill Guide They have a small hole in the mag well but it doesn't effect functionality. Look at pictures for example.
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