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Deal Image AK Barrel Population Service - $199.95 (Requiem Arms)
Updated: 3/29/2017 (41 months ago)
Average turn around back to you is usually one (1) week. We use our patented barrel alignment jig for a perfect 100% guaranteed barrel population. We are the only company in the world that offers this guarantee. To have us populate your barrel for you, we will need the following; Barrel Front trunnion Bolt Lower hand guard retainer Gas block Gas Tube Rear sight block Front sight Pin set (two 3mm pins for the front sight, two 3mm pins for the gas block, one 4mm pin for the rear sight block, one detent spring and one detent and one 7mm pin for the barrel/trunnion) Please note that crowning, etc. is extra.
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Deal Image Yugoslavian AK Barrel Alignment Jig - $59.95 (Requiem Arms)
Added: 4/10/2015 (65 months ago)
The only tool of its kind in existence..... For Yugoslavian M70 AK-47 measurements. Align the front sight, gas block and rear sight on your AK PERFECTLY, everytime! Whether you're a pro builder or a home builder, our patented AK Alignment jig is a must. Even works on guns that all the parts are already installed-simply drive out the retaining pins, slap on the AK Alignment Jig, realign the parts that are canted, redrill and repin and you're done!
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Deal Image AK Rail Alignment Tool - $34.95 (Requiem Arms)
Added: 3/1/2015 (66 months ago)
Unlike other rail jigs on the market, our jig is the only one that has the middle spacer milled to a perfect 6mm-as it should be.Our lower support piece is wider and longer giving much better support while maintaining the proper side-to-side distance.Our top support piece is also longer and wider giving you much better support. As you will notice, the ends are milled out-which allows you to insert your welding tips much easier and much faster, while still giving you perfect support.
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Deal Image AK 47 and AK 74 Simple Rivet Drilling Tool - $19.95 (Requiem Arms)
Updated: 2/19/2015 (67 months ago)
Clamp it on with vise grips, c clamps, etc. and drill out any rivet on your ak 47 or ak 74. Made from solid 4140 treated. Black oxided.
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Deal Image Requiem Arms AK Barrel/Muzzle Press Nut - $19.95 (Requiem Arms)
Added: 1/15/2015 (68 months ago)
Another Requiem Arms first! Never use a penny or anything else again to press your barrel! Sleeve and removable and adjustable brass insert. Sits the brass flat against the muzzle and distributes the weight and surface area evenly. Has multiple uses; Muzzle press nut Muzzle/thread protector...
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Deal Image AK 47 and AK 74 Advanced Rivet Tool - $39.95 (Requiem Arms)
Added: 10/13/2014 (71 months ago)
Clamp it on with vise grips, c clamps, etc. and drill out any rivet on your ak 47 or ak 74. Can also be used to make perfect rivets with the Plinker Jig!!! Made from solid 4140 treated.Identical to the simple rivet drilling tool, but can also drill out the trigger guard rivets. Better AND less expensive than other tools out there.
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Deal Image AK Trigger Drilling Fixture - $249.95 (Requiem Arms)
Added: 9/3/2014 (72 months ago)
Simply the best tool for drilling out the trigger guard rivets ever made. Please watch the video....
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