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Deal Image CAA RONI G2 SI PDW Conversion Kit for Sig Sauer 226 9mm/.40 SW/ Sig SL SO - Free Shipping! - $250.00 (ZFI-Inc)
Added: 8/21/2017 (42 months ago)
The price is for registered users only. Non registered users price is higher. Compatibility:Fits Sig Sauer 226 9mm & .40 & Sig SL SO. The system fits ONLY the model with the integrated picatinny rail. More information is available on our website.
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Deal Image GL-CORE CP Fab Defense Mil-Spec & Commercial Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek-Rest for AK/AR/Shotgun, Various Colors - $83.40 (ZFI-Inc)
Added: 7/17/2017 (43 months ago)
The GL-CORE incorporates an integrated cheek weld, ergonomic buttpad and interchanging tube adapters, that provide an unmatched fit on Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes. The CP version includes an additional Cheek Rest, designed to support the use of different optics and holographic sights on the AK and VZ platforms.
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Deal Image Ruger R10/22 Pro Conversion Kit with UAS Precision Stock & MIL-STD Full Length Picatinny Rail, Various Colors - Free Shipping! NOTE: Use Coupon Code SPECIALRUGER To Get This Price! - $150.00 (ZFI-Inc)
Updated: 5/4/2017 (45 months ago)
NOTE: 10% Discount for registered Users. Fits Standard and bull barreled Ruger 10/22 rifles. 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny upper, sides and lower rails. Incorporates a 25 years limited lifetime warranty. Built-in adjustable cheek-rest with 5 height options. Quick & easy drop-in installation.
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Deal Image Micro RONI Glock 17 CAA Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit for Glock 17, 17C ,22, 31 Various Colors - Free Shipping! NOTE: Use Coupon Code MICDEAL To Get This Price! - $200.00 (ZFI-Inc)
Updated: 4/4/2017 (46 months ago)
Use Coupon Code "MICDEAL" To Receive This Discount Discount also applies for Micro Roni for Glock 19, 23 & 32 The newest compact addition to our pistol to carbine conversion kits line. Lightweight and sturdy platform for your various Glock pistols.
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Deal Image CAA Micro RONI Stab for Glock 19, 19C, 23, 32. Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit w/Folding Stock- Free Shipping! NOTE: Must Be Logged In To Registered Account To Get This Price! - $305.95 (ZFI-Inc)
Added: 3/28/2017 (46 months ago)
Log in for 10% discount. Designed mainly for the US market. An extremely compact, lightweight and sturdy platform for various Glock pistols. It will be available in three colors: Black, OD Green & Desert Tan.
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Deal Image Micro T-2 Aimpoint Red Dot Sight W/ Integrated Picatinny Mount - Free Shipping! NOTE: Register To Get This Price And 10% Off Of Everything On The Site!! - $665.96 (ZFI-Inc)
Updated: 5/17/2016 (57 months ago)
NOTE: Register To Get This Price And 10% Off Of Everything On The Site!! Overview:The Aimpoint Micro T-2 redefines everything you thought you knew about compact red dot sights. Cutting edge lens coatings radically improve the shape and clarity of the 2 MOA red dot and physical protection has been added for even more ruggedness.
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Deal Image Pentagon Magazine coupler 5 X 10-Round 5.56/223 Black Polymer Ultimag 10R Magazine included Free Shipping! NOTE: Use Coupon Code "save10" to get this price - $103.41 (ZFI-Inc)
Added: 1/26/2014 (85 months ago)
Fully Legal, Pat Pending. Maintains 10 cartridges limitationAdd body to weapon contact point (increased stability)Highly ergonomic designDurable high grade polymer constructionCan be used as BipodExternal coupler - does not replace magazine floor plateAvailable in black, olive drab green or desert tan
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Deal Image FFS + FRS CAA Picatinny Front flip-up sight + Low profile rear flip-up sight ***Free Shipping!!*** NOTE: Use Coupon Code "save10" To Get This Price!! - $71.95 (ZFI-Inc)
Added: 12/10/2013 (87 months ago)
Very low profile & slim shape. Can be use as primary or back-up sights. Picatinny mount. Side operating for both left/right handed users. Simple zeroing mechanism. No gunsmith required Mill-standard Warranty:5 years
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Deal Image PTK FAB Foregrip Ergonomic pointing Grip **Free Shipping!!*** NOTE: Use Coupon Code save10 to get this price! - $33.25 (ZFI-Inc)
Added: 11/25/2013 (87 months ago)
The 'PTK'- Ergonomic Pointing Grip conceptualizes within its design a unique Special Forces combat proven instinctive shooting method incorporating natural pointing positioning which enhances accuracy, speed and overall tactical performance.
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Deal Image K.P.O.S. G2 FAB For GLOCK models 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, 32, 37, 38 ( RETURNED - brand new) ***Free Shipping!!*** - $545.50 (ZFI-Inc)
Added: 11/22/2013 (87 months ago)
Returned in the Original box On every purchase you get for free: One Point "Bungee" Rifle Sling, FGG-K Tactical folding "Safety" grip and folding Buttstock. Our modern KPOS G2 PDW Conversion Kit upgrades your standard handgun into a rock solid personal defense & special operations weapon system.
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