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Deal Image 9mm Luger - $25.95/20 (Wilson Combat) - Cost per round: $1.3
Updated: 8/5/2020 (1 day ago)
Wilson Combat +P Hornady XTP - 124gr HP BR/BO/NC
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Deal Image Beretta / Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical, 9mm - $1,195.00 (Wilson Combat)
Added: 1/7/2016 (56 months ago)
Wilson Combat and Beretta USA have collaborated to produce the ultimate 92 Series Tactical Pistol. The 92G Brigadier Tactical features the most sought after Beretta 92 features and all-steel Beretta and Wilson Combat custom parts right out of the box.
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Deal Image Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit, 3-Gun, Semi-Auto - $269.95 (Wilson Combat)
Added: 11/26/2014 (69 months ago)
Introducing the TACTICAL TRIGGER UNIT (TTU), an all-new modular trigger unit that can be easily installed in any AR pattern rifle by the end user in less than 1 minute without tools or even removing your selector. Exclusive Wilson Combat Engineering Has Created a Truly DROP-IN Trigger Unit With an Ultra-Crisp 3 1/2# to 4# Trigger Pull That Does Not Require Any Fine Tuning or Adjustment By The End User.
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Deal Image AR Style Magazine, .223 Cal. / 5.56mm NATO, 30 Round | C-Products Defense - $8.98 (Wilson Combat)
Added: 3/24/2014 (78 months ago)
These C Products Defense AR-15 Magazines feature a lightweight aluminum body, an anti-tilt follower and a chrome silicon spring. The magazines are finished in a durable black Teflon finish. Made to strict US military specifications.
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Deal Image NHMTG AR Style Magazine, .223 Cal. / 5.56mm NATO, 30 Round - $19.95 (Wilson Combat)
Added: 4/12/2013 (89 months ago)
New 30 round capacity straight body AR15/M16 magazines made by NHMTG in Hartford, CT. These top quality magazines are the factory magazines for many top AR manufacturers. The magazines are brand new straight from the factory, however since this is a dry film finish magazine, the finish will show we
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Deal Image AR15 Ergo Grip, Black - $24.00 (Wilson Combat)
Added: 4/8/2013 (89 months ago)
Simply the most comfortable and user friendly grip available for the AR family of weapons. Ergonomically designed grip is comfortable and prevents user fatigue. Molded from advanced space age polymers, the Ergo grip is extremely durable.
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