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Deal Image Original Izhmash Surplus True Black 5.45x39mm AK 74 Magazine 30rd Grade NOS (New Old Stock) - $56.99 (Ammo Supply Warehouse, LLC)
Updated: 3/13/2020 (5 months ago)
These ORIGINAL IZZY TRUE BLACK mags bring the HEAT!!! These are THE STANDARD for all poly mags!!! You WILL NOT find a more reliable mag than these gems right here. We picked up a few of these collector grade NOS (NEW OLD STOCK) Izzy Blacks for you to add into your GO TIME magazine stash!!! Our "NOS" grade mags are in super sweet condition...ZERO USE, minimal handling marks if any, BRAND SPANKIN' NEW. Everything is as it was before it left the factory with all the stamps, ect. CHOICE!!!!
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