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Deal Image SKS Surplus Wood Stock with Blade Cut includes Hardware "Grade II" - $42.49 (Clearview Investments)
Updated: 7/2/2020 (26 months ago)
Original Military Surplus, believed to be Romanian overall length is approximately 29", the blade bayonet cut is approximately 3 7/8" long. Includes Hardware (buttplate, sling swivel, cross bolt & nut) stocks have minor cracks / splits, they are "Grade II"
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Deal Image VZ58 Leather Mag Pouch & 4 Mags - $127.49 (Clearview Investments)
Updated: 12/1/2016 (69 months ago)
Original Surplus, Leather Mag Pouch and 4 Mags.
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Deal Image AR15 .223 30 rd. Magazine, Bulgarian, New in Wrap - $9.34 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 9/11/2016 (72 months ago)
Clearview Investments Inc. AR15 .223 30 rd. Magazine Bulgarian New in Wrap
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Deal Image AMD65 Buttstock - $21.24 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 2/5/2016 (79 months ago)
AMD65 Buttstock, the perfect inexpensive solution for poor sight alignment when using an AMD65 Rifle with side folding Stock. This lightweight two piece nylon stock securely attaches to your existing AMD65 side folding stock in minutes with NO modifications. The original stock functions normally.
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Deal Image Finnish SA Sling Fits Mosin Nagant M-39 - $12.99 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 9/23/2013 (108 months ago)
Good surplus condition canvas web sling in OD green. Fully extended length would be aprox 48-50". Fits the Finnish Mosin Nagant models such as the M-39. These may have the Finnish Army SA stamp. Not guaranteed to have the SA stamp. The photos are representative of the sling you will receive in similiar surplus condition.
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Deal Image Maxim Surplus MG Ammo Can with Belt - $22.94 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 7/18/2013 (110 months ago)
Surplus Maxim MG Ammo Can with Belt, holds 200 7.62x54r rounds Olive Drab Steel Can with leather or canvas webbing carrying handle on top Belts are in excellent condition. The cans may have slight surface rust. Approximate can size 10.25in x 3.25in x 10.25in Belt is easy to hand load.
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Deal Image AK74 Accessory Kit - $18.69 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 7/10/2013 (111 months ago)
Ak74 Accessory Kit includes: Original AK74 Olive Drab canvas sling (unissued), AK raindrop pattern 4 cell mag pouch, ak74 stripper clips 5.45x39 (3), AK74 stripper clip guide, ak74 oil bottle.
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Deal Image AK47 Accessory Kit - $18.69 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 7/9/2013 (111 months ago)
Original Bulgarian AK47/74 Olive Drab Sling canvas (unissued), AK raindrop pattern 4 cell mag pouch, ak47 / amd65 cleaning kit (7.62x39) with solvent bottle and oil bottle.
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Deal Image CZ 24/26 Magazine Pouch with 3 Magazines - $39.99 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 1/3/2012 (129 months ago)
CZ 24/26 Magazine Pouch with 3 32rd Magzines
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