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Deal Image Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22 LR Autoloading Rifle with Satin Black Barrel, Black Poly Stock 1151 - $279.99 (Vance Outdoors)
Added: 7/4/2019 (19 months ago)
Catalog Number: 10/22-RPF, Model Number: 1151, Caliber: 22 LR, Stock: Black Synthetic, Material: Alloy Steel, Finish: Satin Black, Length of Pull: 13.50, Front Sight: Gold Bead, Rear Sight: Adjustable, Barrel Length: 18.50, Overall Length: 37.00, Weight: 5.00 lbs., Twist: 1:16 RH, Grooves: 6 and Capacity: 10.
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Deal Image Ruger 10/22 Carbine 22 LR Autoloading Rifle w/Poly Stock, 18.25" Satin Stainless Barrel 1256 - $289.99 (Vance Outdoors)
Added: 10/6/2018 (28 months ago)
Catalog Number: K10/22RBPBTC Caliber: 22 LR Stock: Black Synthetic Finish: Clear Satin Rear Sight: Adjustable Front Sight: Gold Bead Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 5.00 lbs. Barrel Length: 18.50 inch Overall Length: 37.00 inch Length of Pull: 13.50 inch Grooves: 6 Twist: 1:16 RH Capacity: 10
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