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Deal Image M21A1 Amber Star Signal Flare Parachute Unissued M1 Garand - $49.99 (KY Imports)
Added: 5/26/2018 (32 months ago)
Unissued M21A1 Amber Star Signal Parachute Flare, and sealed in it's original M104 container. These signal Flare are of the WWII era, made in 1944, and designed to be fired from a M1 rifle, to a height of 200 to 300 meters, and the flare will hang from a small parachute, and then float, to illuminate a large area on the ground. These signal flares are in unissued condition, and the flare that you receive will be sealed in it's original M104 container, and this amber star signal flare was manufactured by M.Backes and Sons, Inc. There are a several of M21A1 signal flares shown in the attached pictures, but this sale is for only 1 signal flare.
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Deal Image Thermold AR15 30-round .223 new magazine - $14.99 (KY Imports)
Added: 1/25/2013 (97 months ago)
Thermold AR-15, 30-round .223 magazines. These are New L.E. Thermold magazines, and each magazine holds 30 rounds of .223 ammunition. These magazines are marked for L.E. use, but can now be owned and used by anyone, since the federal ban expired in 2004. These magazines fit all brands of AR-15 rifles.
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