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Deal Image 7.62x39 - $399.99/500 (K-Var) - Cost per round: 80.0 cents
Updated: 8/28/2021 (28 days ago)
Brown Bear Subsonic ASUB762FMJ-500 - 196gr FMJ LC/BE/NC
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Deal Image XTech Tactical MAG47 30 Round AK-47 7.62x39 Magazine With Weapontech Bolt Hold Open Follower - $26.95 (K-Var)
Added: 3/5/2019 (31 months ago)
The MAG47 is the strongest polymer AK47 magazine to ever be made in the USA. A stainless steel cage reinforces the locking lugs and the feed lips where strength is mission critical. This magazine holds 30 rounds of 7.62 x 39 ammunition and feeds it flawlessly. For those of you who prefer a version with a Bold Hold Open, look at the MAG47 BHO 30 Round AK47 Magazine.
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Deal Image Bulgarian Circle 10 45 round AK-74 (5.45x39) Magazine, Black - $99.99 (K-Var)
Updated: 5/31/2013 (101 months ago)
Circle 10 Magazine, 5.45x39.5 AK-74 Caliber 45 Round Ribbed Magazine. Original Arsenal Bulgaria Black Reinforced Polymer Mil Spec Magazine.
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Deal Image Original Russian Saiga 12-gauge shotgun 8-round Hi-capacity magazine - $129.99 (K-Var)
Updated: 4/10/2013 (103 months ago)
Original Russian Saiga 12-gauge shotgun 8-round Hi-capacity magazine with Izhmash factory logo.
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