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  • As of 04-04-2013, limit is 3 boxes, free shipping.
  • Don't use AS websales for 22 ammo. Yes prices are very good, but limits are 1 or 2 boxes at best (50 - 100 Rounds)and shipping and handling are very high. S/H can be as high as 80% of bill. Too Bad, they were great for a short time.
  • limiting 22 caliber to 1-2 boxes of 50 rounds, free shipping doesn't apply even that it shows on check out page. 2 boxes remington7.99, tax 6.85, you do the math. s/h out of control
  • Academy staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Prices beat other big-box stores and many websites! Firearms and ammo selection is smaller than Gander Mountain, but prices are MUCH better.
  • Got some .223 for cheap locally. Way to go Academy!
  • Academy Sports firearm counter employees are very helpful at the store near by. Also, AS has some good deals when stuff is on sale.
  • Price is 6.79 when they have it in stock that is....

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