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  • Ordered 2000 rounds of 7.64X39 of Wolf Classic. Shipping was fast and free and came out to be the cheapest CPR. Was very happy with purchase and am ordering another 2000 before sale ends.
  • I've been happy when I've ordered case quantities of Wolf from, but I was recently disappointed with the packaging when I ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm. It was placed in a box that was about twice the necessary size, and a bunch of packing peanuts thrown in. Several dented boxes, although the ammo looks okay. He needs to bring his website out of the stone age.
  • 1st Ammoman order. So far so good! 1 week on the free shipping. That's fine (when not in a hurry). I'll shop here again. If pricing on next purchase is better, I'd give 5 stars instead of the 4 stars on this deal.
  • I ordered a case of 9mm Luger from them when when it couldnt be found ANYWHERE. The price was GREAT at a time when all others were gouging for what little supply became available. It arrived fast and in great shape, Will order from them again FOR SURE!!!
  • I and my friends have ordered tens of thousands of rounds from ammoman without problem. Will continue to do business with them.
  • I bought 2 cans of Romanian 7.62x25. They arrived quickly, no hassles. But they weren't shipped in the wooden box I expected. I emailed & asked for the box, and they shipped it out to me no additional charge. Yes! I'll buy from them again.
  • Quick and accurate shipment. Hungarian SYT 7.62x54R in tins arrived in original wooden crate which kept them from damage. One tin had a split seam but looks okay. I will open and shoot it this w/e. Good price and fast service without the ID hassle others have.
  • I have been ordering from for over a year and have not had any problems. Ammo in stock and arrives quickly!
  • 1/07 ordered 1,000 rd. case of what was advertised as Danish M-2 ball. Ammo received was not Danish M-2 but rather produced in Austria. Repeated efforts to exchange for Danish M-2 failed. Repeated efforts to return for credit failed. I was told I would have to bear the cost of return shipping as well as a restocking fee even though it was not my fault that the wrong item was shipped. Was accused of trying to "steal product" and threatened with legal action. I had thankfully paid by Master Card. Master Card reviewed my complaint. My account was credited. Ammoman was required to accept return and pay return shipping. I will not deal again w/ Ammoman.
  • Received products in no time. Good service. Can't beat no shipping costs.
  • Ordered 1000 rounds .38 FMJ, also some PP ammo. The whole order was received within a week, and the price was great compared to the big-box stores. YMMV.
  • Got my ammo on time with no trouble. The Golden Tiger works great. Best price I found for 7.62X39 at $179 delivered
  • Ammoman has a very bad rep on Read the comments there before ordering.
  • I suggest you use a credit card when ordering from ammoscam, that way you can contest the charges when the product doesn't show up.
  • I have purchased Ammo from Ammoman on three different ocassions, and have been satisfied with there service each time. He doe's not have the cheapest prices around,but if a product is listed on his site, it will be in stock. He has fast shipping too.
  • I will never order from ammo man. He has blatantly lied about products(teh "Vietnam bringback SKS that turns out to have import marking on it). His price s aren't very good either. He was gouging people people bad back when 7.62x39 was impossible to get. Thebn again a lot of people are doing that these days.

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