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  • As of this date 11-25-19 Freedom Munitions and X-Treme Bullets is under new ownership. Taking the helm is Dan Kash of LAX Ammunition. Below is a video Dan made about the new venture. Admin.
  • I have bought and shot over 1500 rounds without a single jam or misfire. Bueno! Unfortunately every order has taken around 12 days before they ship them out. No Bueno!
  • I once bought some .44 magnum from Freedom Munitions. It was way under powered. It shot more like .44 Special. waste of money
  • When I add this to my cart, the price is 103.08 and the shipping is not free.
  • After ordering and receiving shipments of .38 and 38 Special ammo in the past (orders are still visible from My Account web page) when I went to place another order I was told they lost all my info. They want me to scan and resend FOID and Drivers License. Nope. You lose my info, you lose my business. I cant help but wonder who has my credit card info
  • Free shipping on slugs until 12/15/2014 11:59 CST.
  • sign up on their site first time customers will get free shipping
  • They offer a 3% discount for military, including reserve component and veteran, as well as law enforcement.
  • Everything has been 100% - no failures. Clean, shoots well.
  • Last batch I bought from these guys had about a 10% failure rate due to bad primers. Contact with the company went nowhere - the guy who I corresponded with just kept insisting that I needed to clean my gun, despite the fact that they were no-firing from 3 different weapons, one of which was less that a month old. Never had problems before that so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and will probably order from them again. Just buyer beware on their customer service.
  • Shipping quotes on are only "estimates" based on average cartridge weights according to the UPS shipping calulator and will vary from vendors in some cases. There's to many variables like bullet type, weight, case makeup and vendor controls to be more accurate then this. They are only a guide and you should always check what the vendor offers. Admin.
  • Good product, good service, timely shipping, and the best price I found anywhere on the internet. I strongly recommend freedom to any of my shooting buddies. Important point: The shipping is inaccurate on gun-deals. I checked on the site with my info and Freedom gave me a figure that was over $20 cheaper than gun deals lists.
  • Good ammo, no failures and fast shipping. Check all shipping options to find the best price.
  • Fast delivery, nice looking and shooting ammo.

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