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  • Shipping is outrageous!!!
  • Looks like a great deal until you go to check out. $14 flat shipping. That $14 each!
  • Almost $50 for shipping?! AIM never charges this much (for the same ammo/amount) regardless of where in the country you live.
  • AIM is in Ohio and they're shipping from Tuson, Arizona. Shipping is bound to a bit higher coming all the way across the country to Virginia. The last time AIM had this ammo for $79.95 was back in Jan. and Feb. It's been $89.95 for the Russian and Bulgarian since mid April. and
  • $41.60 to ship to Virginia? I bought this same exact tin from AIM four weeks ago for $79.95 + $25.18 to my door via UPS. Gotta do better than this guys.
  • I just called this number, (520) 302-4802 and got a response from one of the owners, Jeff, in about 15 minutes. I explained the problem you're having and he said to call that number and leave a message for Jeff and tell him Mike from gun-deals told you to call about your order. He said they're backed up with orders at the moment and are working to catch up. I emailed them through the site also and he received the email so that's working too.
  • No response via phone or email--the email was returned as a non-address. My order is still hanging in the "cart" on their website even though I received an email confirmation that the order is processed. Looked up their information on google map-shows an empty parking lot. Looked up phone number and says it is a legitimate phone number, but one says land line, one says cell phone. Don't know if this company even really exists.

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