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  • The worst service I have ever had from a seller, bar none. I have had 7.62x54 on order from them since March and it will be October in a week. They show product available, but preferentially ship orders without coupons and backorder those who use coupons. Avoid this company.
  • Very slow to ship. I live two hours from them and it still takes a week or better to get my order. Normal ground shipping from that area to me is next day. Usually if they have a good deal it is back ordered. Not real impressed with this place. And I sent back a pair of shorts that were about 3 sizes to small and never got my refund.
  • I have ordered many time with them. They always hold to the ammo prices even if on back order for several months. No problems at all. Buyers club is a added bonus, coupons and the 4 pay plan. Thumbs up.
  • Sorry to hear some people have had bad experience with S.G. I've placed about a dozen orders for ammo over the past 18 months, and have had absolutely no issues. Prompt delivery of in-stock items, and reasonably accurate back-order estimates. Prices are among the best around.
  • would never order from these jewbilly sobs again...they shipped a 350.00 rifle scope and 500 rounds of .308 in the same box...newspaper for insulation...when i got the package the weight of the ammo had damaged the scope...had to send it back and pay shipping and insurance...they mailed me another one...this one would not come close to zeroing in...had to ship it back for a refund...paid shipping and insurance the cost of a box of ammo trying to zero...i finally got my refund minus the shipping and insurance both times...i would never buy from them again...they also need to find another mexican to do the packaging...pedro or hernandez does a shitty job packaging...
  • Placed an order so I had ammo for a Front Sight class. ASKED if it was in stock when I placed the order. A week later they called and said out of stock. BAD customer service!!
  • Vendor is very slow to ship. Ordered in stock item (trigger assembly) on Sunday, but the item did not ship until Friday. Also, S&H is somewhat high for just the basic shipping.
  • Ordered ammo last Nov 2008, was placed on back order until Mar 2009. Back order filled with free shipping bonus. Always great service and deals.
  • I've ordered from them a few times. I've made 3 or 4 orders on clothing, and 1 on a 2 440 tins of 7.62x54r. Everything always went great and was at my door the next day since I live so close, even with basic shipping. If items are backordered, it says on the checkout. I get the feeling some of these bad reviews are from people that didn't look at the shopping cart before they hit next. But I agree it's messed up if they raise price after your order is taken, hope you get your money back. Some complain about shipping methods, everything I've ordered comes in a box, with the item in a plastic bag, with newspapers packed in for protection. The 7.62x54 tins came in a box, inside another box with papers filling most of the excess space between boxes. I love sg and will buy there till they go broke, or I do.
  • I ordered some barnaul from SG, 240 rounds in 20 round boxes, and it arrived quickly. It was heavily double boxed, and the outer box had packing material to boot. I dont know who ordered what, but it sounds like a different company than I ordered from. I recommend.
  • SG's customer service is horrendous, save yourself some time and effort and go somewhere else.
  • I've recently placed 6-7 orders with SG over the past two months. No issues with anything. Speedy delivery, good e-mail alerts on order progress, etc. These guys have ammo in stock that most other don't right now. I'm happy.
  • Sportsman’s Guide is absolutely the worst vendor I have dealt with lately. I have purchased from them for at least 15 years but lately everything you read on the surrounding comments is true. They like to ship everything in plastic bags including high dollar items so they are demolished by the time you get them. Customer service is very bad. Have written many letters never got even a form letter back. Ammo lately comes in a cheap thin cardboard box and the original can or cartons are all dented and shredded with ammo leaking out, because the box is all but in one peace. If they advertise USGI, don’t even get me started on that one, it is not even GI, it’s some off shore knock off at best. I have stopped ordering from them regard less of price. Peace of mind is worth something to me and they don’t offer that to me anymore.
  • Have been buying from since late 90s. Never a problem. Ammo is sometimes backordered but they always send emails with option to cancel order. I always wait. I recommend to others.
  • I have always had good dealings with SG. I have heard horror stories, but they have always come through for me, and have adjusted pricing in my favor when there was a discrepancy. Pete
  • I ordered 1000 rounds of Fiocchi 9mm from at $155.96, and when the order shipped I was billed $224.96. I'll update upon further information.
  • Never a problem. I have order all sorts of items. Fairly fast and always friendly.
  • So So.. some of thier stuffs not bad..but alot of thier mill surplus stuff looks made in china.. they love to play the backorder game and list stuff when they wont have it for 6 months. Would only use them for really good deal. I got good buy of 3006 with em $29 a can of 192rnds on m1 garand clips. Good luck
  • i must also be a lucky one, saved quite a bit of money using them, and customer service has always been prompt and friendly. I've purchased quite a bit from them and returned stuff only once with no problems. I did get ammunition order cancelled once because it was on backorder so long, making next purchase at higher price, that sucked.
  • Raised these .223 rounds by .05 after it got popular, weasels.
  • Deal with them at your own risk!!! May have good prices but customer service, packaging, and honesty absolutely sux! Gave me and MANY other people the "Bait & Switch" on some mags. Guess I should have listened to all those terrible reviews I had read, before giving them my business. Oh well, wont make that mistake again!!!
  • They will match anyone's price on 5.45x39 ammo but you HAVE to ask for it! Actually, you have to DEMAND it! You will need to be persistent, because they will cave eventually. But you have to show them that you intend to be a thorn in their side until they cave. Otherwise, they won't cave.
  • Awful to deal with. 3K order negated Buyers club. They trippled shipping after order placed and accecpted by confirmation e-mail they sent. They did not have it in stocks and canceled order. Still said it did not cancel Buyers Club, but I could not use it. What Carp. They admited the sales consultant lied to me. Yelled at me. Cursed at me. I stayed very calm with my wife and 2year old watching I would not curse at her. Eventually reversed the charges on them with my CC company. I have BBB complaint still on file. All I can say is, I can prove I was lied to.
  • I've had great luck with SG. No one beats their prices. I know all of you guys hate them. I guess I've just been lucky. I think they have been getting some unfair criticism during this military ammo shortage we are in.
  • Sportsman's Guide sucks. I will not do business with the any more even after being in their buyer's club. Bought an AK kit last year and as soon as I clicked OK I realized I had bought a milled Russian kit, called to ask them to change it to stamped and they said "sorry, already in the system, can't change it, have to return it with the return form ... " etc. Not to mention being charged for ammo they didn't have. And many others complaints against them....
  • Sportsman's Guide BBB Report
  • Ditto-I ordered 5.45x39 back in Feb 2006, backordered until Dan's Ammo got some REAL 7N6 5.45mm in. Cancelled order with Sportsmans Guide pronto. Also got annoying monthly auto-cancellation notices that required a response to renew. I generally don't buy from SG unless it's a known brand or provenance, since they often peddle very substandard merchandise. "USGI" must mean Undocumented Source - Garbage Index, since the most recent example was a 1911A1 barrel with reversed rifling.
  • Horrible vendor. Ordered a case (1000) rounds of 7.62x39 back in June, a day before they incresed the price of it, and they decided to just go ahead and charge their "new and improved" price for the ammo. The site clearly stated the price ( I believe it was $139) for the ammo, but when I got my backorder invoice, it showed their new price. Avoid like the plague.
  • Horrible vendor. Avoid at all costs. Most of what they advertise is not in stock. I only have dealt with them for ammo, so take it for what it's worth...They have been jerking me around since March on both the Wolf 5.45x39 and the surplus version. They also try to cancel your backorder about once a month on you. Don't waste your time.
  • Coupon codes ending
  • Ammo usually backordered
  • Some complaints about ammo shipments near big cities.

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