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  • Finally got a hold of someone on the phone. It just happened to be the owner, Stan Tracy. After explaining my situation to him, he apologized and sent out my ammo same day. Had it in my hands two days later. The ammo is of outstanding quality and because in my mind he treated me right, I will be doing business with Great Lakes Ammo again.
  • Yes, my statement is accurate. Here it is 8/26/13 and I have still not received an order placed on 1/10/2013. And they also still do not respond to e-mails or phone messages.
  • Ammo on order over 6 months. They do not answer the phone or respond to e-mails. Avoid this vendor!
  • 30-75 days delivery BUT they hold your funds for the purchase (normal) but you will more than likely have to reauthorize the purchase put on your card after 30 days. The statement about orders being filled if order was placed before 1/20/2013 does not seem accurate.

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