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  • I have bought ammo in 2009 and 2013 from Weidners. They ship good products but it can take a few weeks before the product is shipped. Great prices and guns too. I bought several Nagants from them and they were shipped well and in VG+ quality. Price on guns is very competitive too.
  • Vendor is slow to ship (order placed on Sunday and shipped out on Thursday). Packing material is OK. But, the price is exceptional! Will buy again.
  • Ordered on Monday, received on Thursday. Packaged perfectly. It's always a pleasure to do business with them. Great product too.
  • First order from Widners and everything went great. Called ahead to ask about shipping 2 crates of M67. Shipping 2 crates was more than twice the shipping cost of 2 crates seperately. Chris told me it has to do with the weight calculator because they're so heavy, to just order them seperately and it would be cheaper. He was right on, saved me $16. Great guys to deal with and especially Chris. Real nice guy.
  • Ist order with wideners , 1 case of .223, arrived in 5 days. Would definetely use again
  • Always great prices with Widener's. Sometimes shipping is a little on the slow side, but that's ok. Good people. Good prices.
  • I ordered 1k rounds of Barnaul 7.62x54. The web site shows "no phone orders/internet only." The ordered was processed and recieved in about a week.
  • I ordered 1,000 rounds of PP M855 clones from them and received it quickly and well packaged. No complaints.
  • I just had another order show up exactly as described and on the expected schedule.
  • I've beeb dealing with Wideners for over 15 years, always a good deal! Schildgen
  • Like someone else commented below, was warned of 18 day delay. After 25 days, numerouse e-mails and a false tracking #, I was informed item was out of stock. Item was in stock when I placed order. Still waiting on refund. Buyers beware. I will never buy from Wideners again.
  • Excellent Service! I was truly amazed!
  • be sure to fax or email your license with any ammo order so it is on file. You will see the notification on their ammo main page but not on all individual ammo pages.
  • Order was delivered exactly as described on their website. Be sure to read very carefully. Was extremely pleased with cost and service. Will use them again
  • Have gotten mag's and ammo from these people for years and recently found the same great serviice. Shipping is slow, but they let you know that ahead of time, E-Mail you with the ETA.
  • Ordered around christmas and I received in late Jan. It took a while to get the ammo but the customer service was second to none.
  • They are a class act. I have made a few purchases and was always very happy with them. 1 time I bought a bunch of of 8mm surplus that was advertised as being on stripper clips. Mine were not. I emailed them and they gave me a ridiculous refund, making the ammo like $.06/rd instead of $.10 per round. That was 2 years ago though.
  • Order shipped 14 days after the placement date, all items were as advertised.
  • Was warned of an 11 day shipping delay after ordering. Eighteen days later nothing. Contacted them via E-mail (no phone calls accepted). Twenty-two days later informed item no longer in stock and would get credit back on my credit card. Still waiting! Be careful.
  • Great communication and superb ammo. 1k in the locker 2k on the Christmas list. Merry Christmas! HawkPilot
  • Shipping slow right now as they are overloaded w/ orders, but at least they warn you. Great prices under the circumstances.
  • Fast confirmation and shipment. No hassle and great price.
  • Fast shipping, good price/quality balance on surplus ammo, and competitive prices all across the board. Called me to state shipping charges even though they didn't have to. This is a fine vendor.
  • All ammunition, 21+ age required.
  • Quick shipping and usually have some the best prices around for ammo.
  • Comment: No complaints. Prices are in line with everything else out there of the same quality. Acceptable shipping speed. Would buy from them again.
  • Never a problem, fast service.
  • Ships fast!

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