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  • Excessive shipping charges
  • Excessive shipping charges
  • Ordered a rifle and ammo from these clowns. They send me a confirmation email and, a few days later, an email informing me my order has shipped. Soon I get a call from my FFL telling me he has a box of ammo with my name on it. I ask if perhaps my rifle is there too and he tells me the invoice says the rifle was unavailable. Not only did they not tell me they rifle I ordered was out of stock, they decided to ship me a box of ammo I can't shoot for it anyway. When I emailed them to inquire why this had happened they were utterly unapologetic and informed me they would be happy to accept a return of the ammo, shipped at MY expense, + a 16% restocking fee!
  • Wow. A $900 markup since Sep. I wonder if you get an extra mag and free shipping with that.
  • This vendor is just GARBAGE
  • Be careful ordering on the internet from J&G Sales! I did and paid but the FFL they had on file was expired so they gave the pistol to another buyer! The FFL was renewed and valid if they'd only checked. Too lazy to contact me or look for themselves so they gave my gun, the last one, to someone else. True story!
  • "They change the deals to suit themselves, Always out of stock but happy to sell you the more higher priced ammo.. BAD BUSINESS,, BAIT & SWITCH"
  • Poor Customer Service. Shipping is excessive and simply another way to make more per round -misleading. Not a good deal.
  • I picked up the hand-picked VG Remington Model 7600 from my local pawn shop that I had it transfer to and was extremely disappointed. J&G Sales uses their own grading scale to misrepresent the used guns they have for sale. The Remington Model 7600 they sent me was 50-60% NRA ....large wear gouges down to the metal in in receiver, extreme wear with bare metal exposed on barrel, receiver and sights, the weapon would not pump cycle without force. The synthetic stock was severely scratched with paper stuck to gooey degraded buttpad. I immediately called, got a RMA, and shipped it back. Gotta eat the transfer fee and shipping. Lesson learned about J&G Sales. Buyer beware!
  • refuses to sell CA legal fire arms to comifornians DO NOT order from them! If they wont sell to us why should we give them our business?
  • great mags for cz82 looks like new! fast turnaround just wish they would give a tracking number! I will do biz with them again.
  • My first time buying from J & G. Shipping was slow, but customer service called to confirm that my card was being charged correctly, and very courteous and helpful representative. I requested a hand select, got a VERY nice hex receiver Mosin. Will buy from them again and can recommend with confidence
  • J&G Sales has about the WORST customer service in this entire list of vendors. 1. No tracking numbers provided. This causes countless headaches trying to figure out how much in shipping, when it's due to arrive, etc. 2. Adult signature required for all ammo purchases. Good luck if you have a job and can't be home to sign. See #1, no tracking numbers provided to predict when ammo ships. 3. Order status never updated with correct info on your personalized order page. I ordered 10 cases of ammo, one shipped. The order status page was never updated with the actual ship quantity. How difficult can this be to update, really? 4. Most recently, an order was shipped incorrectly (wrong ammo) which cost me significant time AND money. The ONLY reason I order from this company is the price and availabilty on hard to find ammo. NO OTHER REASON.
  • Over the last couple of months I have ordered many 91/30's from J&G Sales. So far - so good. All the rifles were in at least good condition, and the majority were in very good condition with decent bores. They are very courteous (buy with confidence). Lately they have been so slow to ship, but they'll tell you that on the phone. Two thumbs up! - Darrell @ SCGunCo.
  • This is not about a specific purchase, but many, over a long period of time. I lived in AZ for 20+ years, and bought a substantial quantity of surplus arms and ammunition from J&G over that period. J&G's prices were always fair, and often went even better. I was always allowed to pick the surplus firearms I wanted from at least several times the number which I wanted to buy, with no extra charge for personally hand-selecting the ones I chose. J&G's staff was always friendly and professional. I have never been happier with the quality of anyone's vendorship than I was with J&G. Note that I am not some shill. I am retired now and I live in a State far away, but I still believe these comments are warranted. The De Saye outfit has to be one of the finest. D. Moran Rio, WI
  • Came quick and as advertised on the 2 I got except the safety on one was balky. I had to work a little fix on that safety and all is well. :) Wish they came with 2 mags:(
  • Ordered a P64, received an excellent condition 1968 Round Hammer model. Looks almost unissued and functions perfect.
  • I've ordered multiple weapons from them with no hassle and all arrived as described.
  • bought 2. awesome. both shot within 12" at 100yds with open sights and my poor eyes. fit and finish was excellent
  • Ordered one of these and got it and the stock was slightly cracked most likely from I called JG and they no questions asked to send it back to their expense. Great Gun, Great Service. Thanks JG, Ryan

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