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  • I"ve made at least three large orders in the last 6 months and all three arrived within a week or ordering for both 9mm and .45ACP
  • They have a quality product, but they are so swamped with orders that you shouldn't expect delivery for more than three months after you order. I placed an order with the understanding that it would be in 5-7 weeks. Now they have a note on their site stating that you shouldn't inquire about the status of your order unless it has been more than 12 weeks. If you are in no hurry whatsoever, they might be a good option.
  • I've ordered from them twice before and everything went perfect. Getting ready to buy some more from them.
  • Avoid this company at all costs. There ammo may be of good quality, but there customer service is the absolute worst in the firearms industry. Order was placed on 2/5/09 for bulk .45 ACP with the understanding shipment would take 5-7 weeks. Contacted them on 4/3/09 only to find out that components were unavailable since before the beginning of the year and that there is no idea when production would resume. Somehow this was my fault for not knowing or being able to read their minds. No e-mail was ever sent to me. In the meantime I passed on a few other ammo deals that were in stock and available, ammo that I could have had in hand already. If you want to deal with snotty people (the owners wife specifically)with a bad attitude, Georgia Arms is the place for you. Tell them I sent you.
  • Been using Ga Arms 9mm, 45, 40, 223 in IPSC 3 gun matches for years, all was good ammo, occasional hiccup as expected but still get high reccommendations
  • Have fired many .30 carbine rounds made by Georgia Arms, with no problems.

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