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  • Ordered 4/2/14 still have not shipped (5/25/14) No response to emails...
  • Well, since the Gestapo...I mean ATF, slammed the door on the surplus 5.45, 15 cents per round is now history. Most sites that have some left raised the price to 0.25, and some to over 0.30 cents per round. 0.19 cents a round is now a bargain. Can't blame Dans for raising the price, but at least they are not trying to gouge you. I ordered yesterday, and it shipped today. Sure can't complain about the service.
  • Had a good experience on Fiocchi .223 from Dan's. Fast shipping!
  • I used to be a fan of Dan's but his recent practices have caused me to consider him a dishonorable vendor. I no longer recommend doing business with him. He recently took an order from me then sold the items out from under me to someone else at a higher price. Not cool. Buyer beware.
  • Excellent service. Dan is a real nice guy, gave me a little discount since I ordered the last couple of boxes. Will do business with again. Seems like honest people.
  • Cannot reach them by phone and they will not answer email. Are they still in business?
  • Great place to do business and very fast shipping.
  • Prices are usually "shipping included"
  • VERY fast shipping =)

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