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  • I have ordered several times from Century and they have been great. Recently they are backed up like everyone else. The first order was the only one that took extra effort to send C&R and ID. Subsequent order are easy and fast. I had one issue with some damaged ammo and they quickly offered a return and refund. They are great.
  • Ordered 7.65 x 54R December 6th. Confirmation of payment email confirmed. December 9th received email saying waiver document needed. I sent waiver document same day. Repeated emails go unanswered over the next three weeks. Call January 5th to check status, sit on hold for ten minutes with a reply finally of "The associate is to busy, she'll be back with you soon" Call left on machine from salesperson saying "We need your payment information". Email salesperson, receive auto reply that sale person will be out for the next week. Call January 7th to speak with another rep. Rep states that "Payment information has been deleted because after 2 weeks it is automatically removed." I ask "Why was it ignored for two weeks?" Sale srep: "Probably waiting on waiver from you." I respond: "I sent it in the same day as requested and received a confirmation. Sales rep: "Well I need new payment information regardless" Canceled order after waiting exactly one month. Will never attempt to do business again with Century Arms.
  • First time ordering from Century and they are amazingly slow. Took them a week to acknowledge and send notice that they needed a form and ID on file. Before shipping even though I had emailed an ID the same day. Still waiting even though I placed and received orders from 4 other vendors in the meantime. Maybe future orders will be faster.
  • 7/15 - This is the lowest price on the newest manufacture 5.45, Century ships fast.
  • Freight Charge is based on total purchase amount :
    $1-$75$ = $27.95
    $76-$500 = $12.95
    $501+ = FREE SHIPPING
  • Cheaper shipping than most places

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