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  • Be careful of this shady bunch. No problem lying to your face. Screwed me once, then screwed me again after kinda sorta apologizing and asking me to try them again. Too many upstanding vendors then to deal with these snakes.
  • I bought some ammo from them and picked it up from their retail store. Ammo was packed from floor to ceiling and two guys were working packaging the items out. They had exactly what I wanted and were excellent to deal with. I'll gladly purchase from them again.
  • i bought 1000 rounds of 9mm 115gr american eagle on monday night and received it by wednesday! FAST shipping! will buy from again!
  • My experience was pleasant. Shipping was good. I got what I ordered. I had doubts because of the last few comments. Ordered 1000 rounds of Aguila 40S&W, I got 1000 rounds of Aguila. Will definately buy from again when ammo is needed and the deal is right.
  • Ha, they didn't take a loss - they basically admitted they lied to me and then finally shipped the balance of my original order when I made a big stink. Just check out the negative reviews on and here:!/pages/wwwTargetSportsUSAcom/110983912248457?v=app_6261817190 They've tried to screw plenty of others. Why take a chance when there are lots of other reputable vendors? Their prices are no great shakes either. And their claim that I've scammed other vendors - how could they know? Just more of their lies...
  • Shipped 700 rounds. Customer received 700 rounds. Claimed he only Received 200 rounds. Disputed Credit Card. We took the loss and shipped another 500 rounds to make the client happy. Bottom line, this individual is banned from further purchases, other Vendors beware of Henry Miliatis. He scamed other companies the same way.
  • Update: Ordered 700 rounds of Winchester 45 ACP in 11/2010. Received only 200 rounds, was charged of course for all 700. They claim they shipped all 700 and UPS is at fault. The UPS web page shows the box they shipped weighed 2 pounds, a little light for 700 rds. They claim the 2 pounds was a typo on their part & the actual shipped weight was 42 pounds. Riiight. Supposedly their 'security cameras' also recorded the proper packing & shipment of my order. Google their address & it's just some apartment building - there's no 'warehouse'. So now I'm going around and around with my bank and with UPS, trying to get the balance of my money back. They have good feedback on Gunbroker though... Buyer beware! Update: Received the balance of my order in good shape yesterday. They said they 'found' the missing ammo, supposedly after the 'cameras' recorded it being packed/shipped correctly and they said they had already shipped it, and after I had to pester them for weeks. So they lied to me. Bottom line: these guys are either idiots or out to scam people. Either way, I won't be ordering from them again.
  • Ordered 700 rounds, only 200 delivered. Charged for all 700. Seller claims it's UPS' fault. Ongoing dispute. Order at your own risk!
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