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  • CTD is notorious for opportunistic price gouging, and we are not talking about hiking the price up a few dollars, we are talking about selling TULA .223 for $1 per round when normal retail is .25cents per round, 420 round cases of Federal xm855 for $880 when Wal-Mart was selling them for 169.99. You are better off spending your money on Gunbroker (and while prices are hiked up there, it doesn't even come close to mark ups CTD has laid on their customers). Hopefully people remember how this vendor conducted itself during these times and will take their business to the countless other vendors that didn't take advantage of their customers during these tough times.
  • As of 5 minutes ago they are not selling firearms online. Also, pmags are now $59.99. Today is 12-18-12 and this is just like the gouging after the 2008 election.
  • Wow this place really puts it to you on shipping. 2000 rounds of Winchester M-22 and the shipping is $30.00. Cheaper than dirt shows a nice price then makes it up on shipping cost. There is no way that 2k of 22 ammo costs $30 bucks to ship!
  • Winchester M-22 5000rd deal. If you ordered and recieved these thinking you were getting a 5000rd case/s and recieved a 2000rd case/s you can have them refunded including all shipping. To have them pick these up and recieve a full refund including all shipping contact Latasha at 1-888-750-5234 ex. 146 11:00am to 7:30pm CST (except Wed. and Thur.she's off then) or Sat. and Sun. 9:00am to 5:30pm CST
  • Guess there's a first time for everything. This looks an awful lot like a bait & switch. They advertise a case of .22lr ammo for a given price. Then you find out that instead of 5000rds in the case (as they advertised) it is only 2000rds. Lame.
  • I've ordered from CTD several times in the past and always received what I ordered very quickly (They ship Fedex Ground). No complaints, and will continue to use them.
  • Good prices and selection. Fast shipping at competitive price. Good customer service. Always use the resources available on this site to check prices first.
  • They will not ship any firearms to the state of Connecticut since there is an "assault weapons ban" in CT. This is poor business practice.
  • Never had a problem with CTD. To those who say they are a bad deal, every site has bad deals, but CTD has alot of good deals as well. It's all about looking around before you buy. CTD has the best deals on alot of things. And certainly would not call them gouging.
  • Backordered and received in about 3 weeks. Still backorder status. Cheapest price anywhere!
  • Got my order, shipped on time, and everything was included. Would order from again.
  • That's some mighty expensive dirt. Must be diamonds in there.
  • Price Gouging Bastards
  • CTD is anything but. They are chronically one of the most overpriced (ie - gouging) vendors.
  • Their shipping lately sucks!!! Ordered it 2 day express and now it will not be here until Monday. Stick with the regular shipping if you want it faster!!!They also never sent me a tracking number.
  • You think Cheaper Than Dirt actually makes these? How long did you wait to get in touch with them? I've return stuff without a problem as long as you do it within 30 days.
  • I ordered five magazines from them a year ago, and two of the bodies had come unwelded while still in the packaging. A third one lost it's welds when I tried to load it. They were only lightly welded in a single spot on the back, and when they were painted the paint seeped in. I tried to RMA them, but they wouldn't take them, so I contacted Bushmaster, and it turns out they weren't Bushmaster magazines. They were counterfeits. Needless to say, no matter how good the deals they'll sometimes have, I'm not doing buisness with them any longer.

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