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  • Used to be good. My last order for ar15 parts that I needed urgently shipped extremely slow. Looking elsewhere now.
  • STAY AWAY!!! Ordered a scope and mount combo from them, by my mistake I entered the wrong zip code at checkout. Realizing this I immediately e-mailed them to tell inform them of my mistake. It took them 13 days to respond to my e-mail, which they said, "no problem, we've made the change to your order." It shipped the same day, but to the wrong zip. It took two extra days to arrive after UPS figured out the problem, and again can't blame them because I made the mistake, but they did say it was taken care of before shipment. After receiving and opening the box, they only shipped the mount, no scope. No explanation, no on back order, nothing. They haven't yet responded to my e-mails inquiring of its whereabouts. And yes, they charged me full price for both products. STAY AWAY!!!
  • I've ordered from PSA several times and have had mixed results. It's been real hit or miss with these guys. A couple orders shipped within 2 business days, others significantly longer. One order sat for over 2 weeks and required two emails to get shipped. No apologies or explanations or anything. They didn't even bother to respond to my emails.
  • This company also engages in price gouging. As soon as the word got out about the ATF banning this stuff they raised the price $100! They were selling 22LR for $15.95 a brick (500 rds) last month and from one day to the next they went up to $49.95 for the same thing even though they didn't pay a penny more for it. Their excuse? "Everyone else is selling it for $50 so, we can too!" I loved this place before. The new managers suck!!
  • They always come through for me. Even during the big sell-out, they shipped my orders in a timely manner, didn't gouge on price.
  • Growing too fast! Telephones are seldom answered. Web sales cannot be picked up in stores. Prices vary between web and storefront. They need multiple days to process FFL transfers. Need to hire more staff!
  • I have done business with them in the past. Excellent people to deal with.
  • very highly recommended. Website was so easy to use. Thanks for a hassle free transaction.
  • Great people bought 3 glock mags the price was lower than avertised prise will use them again no hassle shipping.
  • Very happy with the service from this company. Ordered my stuff on 10/21. It shipped on 10/22 and received it on 10/26. It would have been faster but 2 days of that was a weekend. I had to call them because I made a mistake on my ordered. They quickly and kindly help me out and still had my order out the door the next day. A+++ for this company.
  • Great prices and great service. One of my favorite stops online
  • Ordered 2000rds on 7/8 - received them on 7/16 in central California..great price and service Palmetto
  • Placed an order for a case of ammo on Sunday 5/31/09, received an immediate order confirmation by email, and it was delivered clear across the country via UPS ground 11 business days later. I'd cal that excellent service all around and definitely will order from them again. Note that no other email communications were received after the order confirmation (no shipment notice or tracking number).
  • always got good service from them until now....they are selling what they call mx80 .308 ammo for 299.00 for 500 is very tarnished and looks like component ammo...if you want to save yourself some money and want to shoot this type of ammo you would be better off buying the german DAG ammo for a lot less...the pics they have on the net does not look like the ammo they are selling...i addressed the issue with them but they basically told me in a shitty way to go to got what you ordered
  • Smooth transaction. 1000 rds of .223 ammo was shipped in a timely manner. I definately plan to order from them again.
  • Very good, will do business with them again for sure.
  • Very nice company. Will do business with them again.

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