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  • Stay away from this company. Just purchased 9 ammo cans from Ammunition To Go. They were sold as "new". One of the cans had mud on the inside and outside of the can. All had flaking paint. One ATG customer service person I spoke with suggested that I damage the shipping box to get a refund from UPS. I told him I would do no such thing. Insurance FRAUD much? These cans are FACTORY SECONDS at best. They also feel lighter than my other surplus cans. Maybe they are Chinese knock offs or something. So now I'm out shipping both ways and have 'store credit' because ATG will not stand behind their product. I don't need store credit I need nine 50 cal ammo cans. Now I have to waste $125.55 + tax buying something I neither want nor need from this company. Spend your money with a reputable company.
  • Good prices, quick to ship, fast delivery, all items received in good condition. I received email with tracking number on same day as order was packaged/shipped.
  • I had an excellent shopping experience. The customer service is great.
  • Outstanding quality and super fast shipping!!! Packaged very well! Will buy from again!!!
  • Great company! Fast shipping, no delay in inquiries about product. Received as ordered in very quick time.
  • These guys do a great job. Ships quickly and updates you with tracking.
  • ATG always does me right. Good prices, fast shipping, fair shipping cost and well packaged.
  • Price still good as of 9/23/08
  • These guys are great. Wide selection, good prices, speedy shipping.
  • Nothing but good experiences with ATG over several purchases. I get product from ATG within 48 hours in TX.
  • I've ordered 3 times in the past year from them, and each time I get this message: "Due to an extremely high number of orders, Your product will be shipped out within 72 Business Hours. We are sorry for the delay." They have good prices though.
  • Don't forget to add in tax to the cost. :(
  • Fast Shipping(2 days, tx to ms). Extensive offerings of ammo.
  • I ordered from them some time ago, and got my order soon after with everything I ordered in it. I ordered another order, the same thing happened. More recently, I placed a large order, several thousand 9mm and .45, a thousand SS109s, and four cases of 7.62x54R. All of it arrived just fine, and it was packed just as good as always. If they keep this kind of behavior up, I'm going to have to take action, and continue fulfilling my ammunition needs through them.
  • Fast shipping & packaged well..
  • Shipped fast with UPS tracking#. I ordered 2 440 tins and it arrived in the wood crate. Price was great.
  • ATG has a great stock of defensive ammo with one of the easier to navigate interfaces among ammo vendors. Fast shipping.
  • The other comments about their prices going up are true to an extent. However, the few times I've seen it, they were either low on stock or the only company to have any left. You also have to take into consideration the number of items that get reduced in price. They carry lots of LE ammo like Ranger, Tap (red box), Federal Tactical, etc. I have ordered thousands of rounds from them and I HIGHLY recommend them!
  • Quick Ship to KC
  • I have no complaints whatsoever with this vendor. I've ordered about 3000 rounds of various ammo and many other items. They have good prices also. However I did notice the day after I ordered 1000 rounds of XM193 they did raise the price $10 per round. Other than that my buying experience has been awesome with them.
  • Other comment not entirely accurate. They've had the same price on a lot of items for a while.
  • Prices rise with this vendor. They will offer it at a good price, then raise it $10-$20 within days/weeks.

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