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  • Ordered this May 27th and received it July 3rd. Well over a month to get it. This rifle by far is the worse rifle I ever received from Samco. If this Mauser is a "Special Select Condition" I would really HATE to see what a "Very Good Condition" Mauser they have to offer looks like! I've wrote them about my disappointment, no response from them at all. I wouldn't do business with them anymore after the way I've been treated on this purchase. I thought they were a reputable company......
  • Slow shipping. You must request for a tracking number to get one, even then maybe not. Prices seem to be fair.
  • Ordered a rifle from them, took them over a month to ship it.
  • My experience was quite different from some of the prior negative comments. An order for ammo was my first experience with SAMCO. I had no problems at all. The Swiss ammo was as advertised. Time from order to my doorstep UPS ground was 7 days, including a day delay for them to process my ID documentation since I was a new customer. Customer service contact for that part was very good. Minor things they could improve is that shipping is not quoted at time of purchase online and there is no email shipping confirmation. The shipping charge for my order was consistent with that shown on, and comparable to other merchants. I would not hesitate to use SAMCO again.
  • It's simple: If you have money laying around, and don't mind waiting up to a MONTH to get your gear/ammo then this is your place, because the prices are reasonable. BUT they do take forever, and customer service is horrible, so...
  • Update: After sending an email explaining my situation and disappointment, they offered to pay for shipping back to them and give me a FULL refund! That's good service. Unfortunately, thinking I was stuck with the ammo, I put it on stripper clips. I did ask for a discount, though, so we'll see how that goes. Still slow getting the order to the house, but they are willing to take a loss on shipping to make a customer happy!
  • Extremely slow communication (even considering recent ammo sales and backlog)! They do not list shipping prices anywhere and it ended up being quite a bit more than the estimate here. I told them to cancel my order and several weeks later, it showed up at my door. I received no email, call or anything! Be careful with this company! Prices are better elsewhere anyway (if you're patient).
  • Super Buy Very slow shipping over 4 weeks
  • good prices, very slow ship, deviveries require 21 yo old signature even though I went out of my way to provide scans of all my legal documents. I am not home during the day to sign for deliveries which means I must take 1 hour out of my day and drive to UPS. VERY ANNOYING. WILL NOT BUY AGAIN.
  • Be careful of your dealings with this company. I purchased and paid for 1,000 rounds of British manufacture .303. I recieved only 952 rounds of ammo, 99 of which were Pakistani (this was before the price was the same). Of course this was somehow my fault. After about the 10th telephone call we finally settled on a partial refund that was satifactory to both of us. It only took six more calls and three more weeks to get it. Also, shipping is incredibly slow and tracking numbers scarce. Buyer beware.
  • Very easy to order ammo and accessories. Good prices, fair shipping, arrived in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Not the fastest but they were the cheapest and everything arrived very well packed. Tracking no. will be provided if asked for.
  • Arrived in 1 week, UPS, no tracking # supplied. From FL to my MI location not too bad. Virgin Yugo crated ammo, YUM.
  • Samco ships SLOW

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