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  • Add 3% to all credit card orders
  • Centerfire refuses to ship legal parts kits to California. They'll sell you all the parts individually, but no kits.
  • AWFUL company! Incredibly rude and condescending. Would not honor the advertised price. They have taken to price gouging lately, including surcharges for credit cards, unclear shipping costs. Slow shipping. Do not waste your time or money with these people! Use AIM Surplus or Classic Firearms instead!
  • Refuses to sell CA legal fire arms to comifornians DO NOT order from them! If they wont sell LEGAL fire arms to us, why should we give them our business of buying fire arm related items from them?
  • ordered on sept 4th. emailed them on the 14th to see where my order was. they said it'd ship on the 21st. the products i ordered were supposedly in stock when i placed my order.
  • I purchased a spam can of 7.62x54R from CS and the price was great, the shipping cost was very reasonable and the delivery was very fast! A++ Mike
  • Add 3% to all credit card orders
  • Click here for shipping charges

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