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Deal Image Tandemkross UPRISER Chassis for the Ruger PC Carbine Straight or Angled, Various Colors NOTE: Free Shipping On All Orders Over $150! - $179.99 (TANDEMKROSS)
Updated: 4/16/2021 (1 day ago)
Trigger finger accessible magazine release. Compatible with virtually all AR Grips, buffer tubes and butt stocks. Comes with optional flared magwell. Includes renowned TANDEMKROSS hiveGrip for the AR-15 platform. The "UPRISER" package includes: Extended magazine release, Flared magwell (hardware included), Tandemkross "hiveGrip" Red or Black for AR-15 (hardware included), Stock and grip
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Deal Image Tandemkross Sub-2000 / SU-16A Front Sight Upgrade - $17.99 (TANDEMKROSS)
Updated: 3/18/2021 (1 month ago)
The stock KelTec Sub-2000 and SU-16A sight blade is plastic, fragile and prone to cracking during shooting and adjustment. This quality sight upgrade features an adjustable 3/32" steel blade topped with a highly visible fiber light tube. Improve the quality of your firearm while improving your aim and target acquisition skills at the same time with the TANDEMKROSS Sub-2000 / SU-16A Front Sight Upgrade. *This sight will work with the KelTec stock rear sight or the TANDEMKROSS "Eagle Eye" Rear Sight for the Sub2000.
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Deal Image CVLIFE Polymer MOE Rail Section Kit L2 L3 L4 L5 Sizes - $11.39 (
Updated: 7/31/2017 (45 months ago)
CVLIFE Polymer MOE Rail Section Kit L2 L3 L4 L5 Sizes is on best deal on amazon so it drops down its price to the lowest price. This kit includes four kinds of length: 65mm, 84mm, 105mm and 124mm. you could position just enough rail area exactly where you need it for each accessory.
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Deal Image Soumi M31 Parts Kit - $164.99 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 10/3/2013 (92 months ago)
Soumi M31 Parts Kits with Original Barrel, Horizontal Cut Receiver "Slant" Barrel Shroud, Used good condition; includes: Receiver is Horizontal Cut (may be saw cut or torch cut) Front Trunnion is intact see photo for items in complete kit.
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Deal Image Original Uzi Parts Package - $9.99 (Centerfire Systems)
Added: 12/16/2011 (114 months ago)
Original Uzi Parts Containing:Recoil Spring, Pistol Grips (Right & Left), Rear Sight Leaf, Rear Sight Pin, Rear Sight Leaf Spring, Cover Catch, Cover Catch Spring and Grip Bushing.
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Deal Image PPS-43 Parts Kit - $190.00 (Gun Things)
Added: 12/28/2009 (138 months ago)
7.62x25mm Soviet cal. All parts in photo are included. Overall condition is excellent - like new, includes original barrel and one 35rd magazine.
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