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Deal Image Bula Defense Traditional M14 Rifle - 22'' Classic Mod GI 1:10'' twist, Right hand Barrel - $2,150.00 (Atlantic Firearms)
Updated: 5/17/2023 (13 months ago)
The Bula Defense 22'' Traditional M14 rifle continues a long and storied history on the M14. This rifle is the most accurate version of a civilian M14 that has ever been produced. Bula Defense was established in 1973 and is the only company offering a Forged M14 based on Original Military drawings.
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Deal Image Bula Defense M21 19" MOD GI Designated Marksmen Rifle - $2,295.00 (Atlantic Firearms)
Added: 3/18/2022 (28 months ago)
The Bula Defense M21DMR Rifle chambered in .308 Winchester is a classic looking and faithfully recreated Designated Marksmen Rifle. The M21DMR designation of the Bula Defense M14 rifle that incorporates a rock solid picatinny rail on top of the receiver in addition to the traditional iron sights.
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Deal Image Bula Defense Paratrooper M14 Rifle - 19.25'' 1:10" Twist, Right Hand, Mod GI Barrel - $2,150.00 (Atlantic Firearms)
Added: 6/9/2021 (37 months ago)
The Bula Defense 19.5'' M14 Paratrooper rifle continues a legacy of a proven and long lasting design. The Paratrooper was created to offer a lighter and more compact model that was easier to maneuver in the jungles of Vietnam. This rifle brings many of those features in an extremely well built and solid platform. This rifle has a 19.25" barrel with a 1;10" twist, Forged Mil-Spec components, Forged M14 receiver and is gas operated and piston driven.
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