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Displaying M1 Garand Accessories

Deal Image Italian M1 Garand Barrel Brushes 10-Pack NOTE: Use Coupon Code THANKS10 To Get This Price! - $18.85 (
Updated: 11/28/2022 (18 months ago)
The Italian Army used both the US M1 Garand and their own magazine fed version which was designated the BM59. One of the accessories that was issued with both the US M1 Garand and BM59 in Italy was this 10-pack of .30 caliber bore brushes. Each pack of bore brushes is sealed in their own corrosion resistant paper and has a label that shows the quantity, NSN number, and factory that produced them for the Italian Army.
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Deal Image M21A1 Amber Star Signal Flare Parachute Unissued M1 Garand - $49.99 (KY Imports)
Added: 5/26/2018 (73 months ago)
Unissued M21A1 Amber Star Signal Parachute Flare, and sealed in it's original M104 container. These signal Flare are of the WWII era, made in 1944, and designed to be fired from a M1 rifle, to a height of 200 to 300 meters, and the flare will hang from a small parachute, and then float, to illuminate a large area on the ground. These signal flares are in unissued condition, and the flare that you receive will be sealed in it's original M104 container, and this amber star signal flare was manufactured by M.Backes and Sons, Inc. There are a several of M21A1 signal flares shown in the attached pictures, but this sale is for only 1 signal flare.
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Deal Image M1 Garand Combo Tool, Surplus NOTE: Use Coupon Code SUMMER2018 To Get This Price! - $24.61 (
Updated: 3/27/2018 (75 months ago)
The M1 Garand Combination Tool is a necessary tool to maintain your M1 Garand while in the field. When the M1 Garand was selected as the US Service Rifle, there was careful thought and engineering put into tools like the M3A1 to ensure a soldier could maintain their rifle. Some of the functions the Garand combo tool can perform are removing stuck cartridges and making stripping of the major components on the M1 Garand significantly easier. Features: Authentic Italian Army Garand Tool Upgraded M3A1 Combination Tool Used with M1 Garand or BM59 Rifle Packed in Grease - May Have Manufacturers Markings Imported from Italy
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Deal Image M1 Garand USGI Buttstock Cleaning Kit Parts, New Unissued - $25.00 (M1Garand.Com)
Added: 5/8/2017 (86 months ago)
Buttstock cleaning kit parts. Brand New ALL original USGI components! Kit Includes: M10 tool. 4 M10 rod sections. Slotted tip. Fits in 2 holes in stock under buttplate. No cheap cast foreign components. Real Deal!!
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Deal Image M1 Garand Complete Original Buttstock Cleaning Kit - $49.95 (M1Garand.Com)
Added: 11/23/2014 (116 months ago)
Complete Original Buttstock cleaning kit. All the original M1 cleaning gear that stores under buttplate in stock! Kit Includes: M10 tool. 4 M10 rod sections. Plastic buffer. Slotted tip. Bore Bore Brush. Finger Pouch Grease and oil tube Fits in 2 holes in stock under buttplate. No cheap cast foreign components.
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Deal Image Accessory Package For Newly Acquired M1 Garand Rifle - $94.95 (M1Garand.Com)
Added: 3/11/2012 (149 months ago)
Comes with SD3 M1 Garand Owners Guide, 10 excellent 8 round enbloc clips, 1 cotton bandoleer with cardboards, new G82b cotton web sling and buttstock cleaning kit G79a.
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