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Displaying SKS Accessories

Deal Image Military Surplus SKS and AK Cleaning Kit for Buttstock, Used - $3.95 (J&G Sales)
Added: 6/18/2021 (3 months ago)
Original military issue steel cleaning kits for the SKS or AK buttstock. Includes outer tube, brush, jag, tool, etc. Used and will show some wear, and often preserved in cosmoline.
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Deal Image Military Surplus SKS Oiler with Leather Pouch, Used - $3.95 (J&G Sales)
Added: 6/18/2021 (3 months ago)
Yugo SKS oil bottle with leather pouch, used. Oilers are mostly brass, but may also be plastic. Leather pouch color may vary. Used and will show wear but solid.
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Deal Image Russian SKS and Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine Length Storage Bag - $24.00 (Liberty Tree Collectors)
Updated: 6/15/2021 (3 months ago)
Russian Carbine Length Storage Bags. Like the ones pictured, all are in good looking used condition. Fits both the M44 Mosin Nagant or SKS carbines. These are actually Russian quilted winter trousers, cut in half and stitched up to be something useful. Old belt loops and pocket still present, thick quilted cotton to protect your vintage carbine.
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Deal Image SKS Shell Deflector - $9.95 (
Updated: 5/3/2019 (29 months ago)
The SKS Shell Deflector from AIM Sports is a fantastic addition to your SKS rifle. Easy to install, this shell deflector will ensure that spent cartridges are deflected away from your scope. If you do not have a scope mounted onto your rifle, this deflector will also ensure that no spent cartridges hit you in the face.
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Deal Image Yugo 1960s Surplus SKS Brass Oiler NOTE: Use Coupon Code WINTER2018 To Get This Price! - $5.91 (
Updated: 1/20/2019 (33 months ago)
Features: Authentic Vintage Yugoslavian Army Brass SKS Oiler, Designed to Hold and Dispense Rifle Oil, Vintage - Made in 1960s.
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Deal Image SKS Ammo Pouch - Russian - $9.95 (RTG International)
Added: 12/15/2015 (70 months ago)
Russian military production SKS stripper clip and ammo pouch. Unissued old stock in excellent condition. Has some sort of ink marking on the leather tab but we can't make it out.
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Deal Image Yugoslavian SKS Sling - $9.95 (Royal Tiger Imports)
Added: 11/26/2015 (71 months ago)
Yugoslavian SKS sling made of canvas material. Good condition.
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Deal Image Galati Gear 39" General Sport SKS/AK Rifle Case - $27.95 (Galati International)
Added: 5/19/2015 (77 months ago)
39" SKS Case is designed to hold the SKS Carbine. Sturdy carrying handle sewn all the way around. Velcro side pocket allows you to store an extra magazine, cleaning accessories or ammunition. These quality cases have 3/4" total padding with a full nylon zipper. Will also hold other rifles not exceeding 39". For best fit, measure the length of your rifle. Made in the USA.
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