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Displaying AK47/AK74 Accessories

Deal Image AK Style Oil Bottles - 100 PACK - $42.99 (Centerfire Systems)
Added: 9/10/2020 (1 month ago)
Bottles are coated in cosmoline. Caps have synthetic seal. Size, shape, and mfg. origin may vary. Box contains sealed bag of 100 bottles.
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Deal Image MAGPUL Original 7.62 Magazine Assist 3PK - MAG002-BLK - $9.64 (Nimrod's Wares)
Added: 9/5/2020 (2 months ago)
When installed on the base of a rifle magazine, the original Magpul provides improved speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes. UPC Code: 873750000053 FREE super fast shipping!!
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Deal Image Polish AK Sling New (NOS), AK47, AK74, AKM, Poland Radom - $6.95 (RTG International)
Updated: 6/22/2020 (4 months ago)
Brand new polish AK sling. This is a great quality, military production sling that will work on any AK. This is also correct for most Polish AK's including AK47, AKM, AK74, Tantal, Beryl, AK Underfolders Etc. Condition is new and unissued. Slight variation in color or keeper are to be expected. These were made over a long period of time and subtle changes were made over the years. Made in Poland by the Radom Factory for the Polish army.
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Deal Image AK47 .22lr Conversion Kit - $269.95 (Sarco Inc)
Added: 7/14/2019 (16 months ago)
A well tested AK47 conversion unit to change your 7.62x39 AK47 into a .22 cal. LR shooter. Four major component parts,(shown above), swap out within a minute with your 7.62 parts and allow you to start plinking quickly. The conversion set comes with a full size AK 25 rd. plastic magazine which has an insert for .22 cal. ammo installed so the gun will still present itself as a standard AK47! Other sized .22 magazines will be available for this unit in the near future like 10 & 15 rd. These will be sold separately when available.
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Deal Image East German Surplus AK47 Cleaning Kit w/Case - $10.95 (
Updated: 1/19/2019 (21 months ago)
The East German AK47 Cleaning Kit is an authentic military surplus cleaning kit for the AK-47. These cleaning kits were produced by the East German Army for issuance with their AK-47 rifles. For those who collect authentic East German military gear or AK-47 accessories, this cleaning kit represents an opportunity that will appeal to both. Features: Authentic East German AK-47 Cleaning Kit Comes with Tobacco Can Storage Case Contents May Vary All Original - East German Army Surplus
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Deal Image European Style AK-47 Sling, New - $8.95 (
Updated: 1/12/2019 (22 months ago)
The European Style AK-47 Sling is a new production version of the most widely fielded AK-47 sling of the Cold War era. Frequently seen on Romanian AK style rifles, this sling is easy to install and the tough canavas style material will stand up to combat conditions.
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Deal Image Used AK-47 Cleaning Rod - Good Condition - $10.00 (Lee's Mags)
Updated: 12/14/2018 (23 months ago)
Used AK-47 Cleaning Rod - Good Condition
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Deal Image AK-47 Surplus Good Condition Oil Can Square - $2.99 (Army Surplus Warehouse)
Added: 9/9/2017 (38 months ago)
Empty oil can usually issued with AK-47 type rifles in good used condition. Screw on lid
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Deal Image AK 74 cleaning kit - $8.00 (Buy Milsurp)
Updated: 7/1/2014 (77 months ago)
Cleaning Kit 5.45X39 AK-74 East German
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Deal Image AK74 Accessory Kit - $18.69 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 7/10/2013 (89 months ago)
Ak74 Accessory Kit includes: Original AK74 Olive Drab canvas sling (unissued), AK raindrop pattern 4 cell mag pouch, ak74 stripper clips 5.45x39 (3), AK74 stripper clip guide, ak74 oil bottle.
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Deal Image AK47 Accessory Kit - $18.69 (Clearview Investments)
Added: 7/9/2013 (89 months ago)
Original Bulgarian AK47/74 Olive Drab Sling canvas (unissued), AK raindrop pattern 4 cell mag pouch, ak47 / amd65 cleaning kit (7.62x39) with solvent bottle and oil bottle.
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Deal Image AK-47/74 Recoil-Buffer - $9.99 (Blackjack Buffers)
Added: 2/8/2011 (118 months ago)
Blackjack Buffer - Fits AK47, AK74, Saiga, Valmet, Mac-90, Romak-3, PSL, Galil, Vepr and others
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