After countless calls about our Canooter Valve being too tight (.223/5.56), we fed it some Wheaties and opened it up to .30 Cal. The Dirty Thirty is meant to swallow your larger caliber rounds. Hearing safe on a Bolt action 300WM hunting rifle so your 300Black Out will sound like a gaseous emission. Just like our original Canooter Valve, the Dirty Thirty was designed to be compact, robust and still keep the cost of owning a suppressor under $500 including the cost of a NFA stamp. Specs: 4" Overall length, .30 Cal 5/8-24 threading, Other Calibers upon request, 1 5/8" Diameter, 13.9 Ounces, NO BLOWBACK through the charging handle, Made from 416 Stainless, Full Auto Rated, Custom Serial Numbers are available upon request (no extra charge). These Dirty Thirty's will transfer to your NFA Dealer on a Form 3. ALL NFA RULES APPLY from Witt Machine

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