Fitness: Glock 43 pistol. Inside Waistband Holster. Material: High-tech polymer material, with Injection molded tech. Comfortable & concealable, good for daily carry. Easy to access and draw your pistol without impediment Matching belt size: Compatible belt width up to 1.8". Special belt clip design ensures the holster stay firmly when drawing pistols, convenient to attach or remove from belt. Adjustable Retention: Tightened - More secure. Loosened - Faster draw. This IWB holster ( Inside the Waistband ) will maintain its proper shape over time due to its adjustable retention system. Usage: Widely used in law enforcement, self-defense, police and others. Cut-down body and tapered trailing edge help keep pistol concealed under clothing. Fully covered triggerguard for added safety. from (Product B06XWP8196)

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