Deal Image TANDEMKROSS "Titan" Extended Magazine Release for Browning Buck Mark, Various Colors (Red additional $5) - $29.99 (TANDEMKROSS)

At a glance: Taller, wider magazine release button - great for juniors or shooters with smaller hands Paddle button is positionable by the user for a custom fit Textured button offers no-slip grip in any condition; available in black or silver The Browning Buck Mark is a popular rimfire pistol for Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge and other shooting sports competitions. Reaching the magazine release button, however, can be a challenge - especially for junior shooters or shooters with small hands. This can lead to slower magazine changes in competition and can even lead to unsafe conditions if a user must turn their gun in an unsafe direction to reach the release button. The TANDEMKROSS "Titan" Extended Magazine Release for Browning Buck Mark is a simple, drop-in replacement for the factory magazine release that offers significantly more surface area and height to make magazine changes easy - an ideal upgrade for competition shooters! The extended magazine release features a unique, paddle button to extend the magazine release not only outwards from the gun, but also back toward the shooter. The paddle is textured for a no-slip grip and can be positioned by the user for a customized grip. The magazine release button is available in black or silver to look great with almost any Browning Buck Mark model. Make faster, more consistent magazine changes with the TANDEMKROSS "Titan" Extended Magazine Release for Browning Buck Mark.

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Updated: 9/15/2020 (13 months ago)

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