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Free Shipping For Signing Up For Email Specials! At a glance: Cross-pinned firing pin restricts vertical movement for consistent ignition. Polished bolt rides smoothly over the hammer for improved cycling and reliability. Precise CNC-machining ensures proper headspace without a need for a factory bolt rework. While the Ruger 10/22 is a favorite rimfire rifle for speed shooting competitions and recreational shooting, it's not uncommon for the factory bolt to need a complete re-work for the gun to function at its best. Fix common 10/22 bolt issues- without the need for a gunsmith- with the new "KrossFire" CNC-Machined Bolt from TANDEMKROSS.

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Updated: 7/13/2020 (6 months ago)

Submitted by: TANDEMKROSS

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8/24/2016: Price was $149.99
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10/13/2016: Price was $149.99    +$10.00
12/26/2017: Price was $139.99    -$10.00
1/6/2018: Price was $119.99    -$20.00
5/1/2018: Price was $99.99    -$20.00
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7/2/2018: Price was $119.99    +$6.00
2/28/2019: Price was $129.98    +$9.99
3/1/2019: Price was $119.99    -$9.99
5/24/2019: Price was $109.99    -$10.00
5/28/2019: Price was $119.99    +$10.00
7/6/2019: Price was $107.99    -$12.00
7/7/2019: Price now $119.99    +$12.00
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