Deal Image "Victory" Trigger for the Browning Buck Mark by TANDEMKROSS, Black ( Red, $5 Additional) - $49.99 (TANDEMKROSS)

Its TIME!!! Bring "Victory" to your Browning Buck Mark! Face options: Flat in two surface types: - Textured - For non-slip surface regardless of moisture, identical/repeatable/consistent trigger pulls - Smooth - for traditionalists Colors: - Black(at first, looking for requests!) Material: - Light Weight yet rugged aircraft-grade aluminum Adjustments: - Post Travel with over travel screw, strategically placed to minimize tactile feel *Note: Pre-travel has been completely removed, no adjustments necessary Other features/benefits: - Lower leverage point resulting in lower trigger pull wight - Skeletonized with signature lightning bolt cut - AMAZING when combined with the "Heggis" flip Conclusion: Results in the crispest, shortest, most repeatable trigger pull in any modern .22lr pistol. Hands down!

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Updated: 2/17/2021 (7 months ago)

Submitted by: TANDEMKROSS

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2/19/2016: Price was $34.99
5/7/2016: Price was $29.99    -$5.00
5/28/2016: Price was $26.99    -$3.00
5/31/2016: Price was $29.99    +$3.00
6/26/2016: Price was $34.99    +$5.00
12/16/2016: Price was $39.99    +$5.00
4/15/2018: Price was $44.99    +$5.00
2/3/2020: Price now $49.99    +$5.00
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