Deal Image Six (6) PA-120 40mm USGI Ammo Cans, Used/Issued - $83.94 (The Armory)

These are genuine US Made [NOT made in China knock-offs] PA120 (40mm) Ammo Cans. Again they are also used/issued and have been fielded so they WILL have blemishes/scratches but still work and seal just fine - Adds Character! Markings and condition will be random. The PA-120 ammunition can measures 18.76 inches (476.5mm) x 6.38 inches (162.1mm) x 10.39 inches (263.9mm) in its outside dimensions.

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Updated: 5/8/2018 (14 months ago)

Submitted by: WeldonHunter

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5/5/2015 - Starting price of $83.94
5/31/2016 - Price was $119.94 - $36
12/24/2016 - Price is now $83.94 - $-36
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