Deal Image Radical Firearms 5.56/300 AAC Blackout Manganese Phosphate M16/AR15 BCG - $89.99 (Primary Arms)

Includes Colt M16 firing pin upgrade. Each assembly is magnetic particle inspection tested to ensure its free from imperfections. Properly staked gas key. Available in .223/5.56mm, .300 Blackout ONLY... Staked screws, parkerized exterior with hardened interior for bolt and cam pin.

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Added: 6/6/2014 (79 months ago)

Submitted by: peashooter7

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6/6/2014: Price was $89.95
6/11/2014: Price was $79.99    -$9.96
6/17/2014: Price was $89.99    +$10.00
7/4/2014: Price was $79.99    -$10.00
7/18/2014: Price now $89.99    +$10.00
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