Deal Image 75 round AK-47 Drum Magazine - Old Style Romanian military - 7.62x39 - $89.95 (

These Soviet era Romanian top-loading AK-47 drum mags were sold to me as 'used' condition but appear to be very nice condition. There may be some minor surface rust in spots from storage. We have taken on the painstaking process of a detailed inspection and we have opened and inspected the insides of each drum, cleaned an lubricated the internal parts and set spring tension on the follower at 360 degrees of rotation to help insure a quality product for our customer. We have sorted out any drums that were excessively rusty, broken or damaged, or in need of repair to the best of our ability. Here at SGAmmo we made these drums one of our summer projects and have countless labor hours invested into inspection and maintenance of this lot of AK drums in an attempt to make sure you do not have problems with the drum you purchase, but regardless these are sold strictly "AS-IS" with no warranty, it is possible they may break or have issues and we do not warranty them for exchange, refund or repair.

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Updated: 10/15/2014 (114 months ago)

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