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Thanks for your interest in advertising on Advertising on this site is quick to set up and very reasonable. There aren't a ton of options and the pricing does not favor huge companies. Here is a run-down of how advertising on this site works:

How advertising on this site works

  • 5 advertising spots are available per month.
  • Each spot (155x40 pixels) is $30 per month.
  • Each ad rotates down one position per day. The bottom position ad then comes to the top. So, every few days (depending on how many advertisers are running that month), your ad is at the top. No paying for a better spot, everyone pays the same.
  • Your ad is displayed on every pageview (over 2,000,000 per month).
  • Each spot is a simple graphic file that links to a specific page/site. No flash ads or animated graphics.
  • The graphic files are hosted on this site.
  • Advertisers are responsible for creating the 155x40 graphic file (jpg, gif, png).
  • Ads must point somewhere vaguely related to firearms or ammunition. No porn, gambling, warez, hacking, affiliate, or scam links.
  • I reserve the right to deny any company/person advertising rights.

Reasons to consider advertising on

  • 1,800,000-2,700,000 pageviews per month from 35,000-50,000 unique visitors. To see Google Analytics statistics for for the last 90 days, click HERE
  • A captive audience -- visitors are shopping for gun and ammunition within the United States. Over 98% of visits come from within the United States.
  • No contracts, no hassles. Pay your $30 and provide a graphic and your company logo is displayed predominantly on EVERY page view the site receives that month. End your advertising at any time.

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Rules are subject to change without notice.

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