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Deal Image Colt 30 rd AR Magazine - $15.00 (Gunny's Surplus)
Added: 8/21/2016 (18 months ago)
Original Colt 30 rd. mag. Used in vg to exc cond.
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Deal Image USGI Surplus M-16 Buttstock With Early Rubber Buttplate - $50.00 (Gunny's Surplus)
Added: 8/21/2016 (18 months ago)
M-16 early rubber buttplate or A-1 buttstock with trapdoor. Vg to exc cond. M-16 rubber butt also available with rack stencil. Both stocks available in two grades. Grade 2 will show wear or have minor cracks in buttplate surround but vg. to excellent otherwise.
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Deal Image USGI M-16 A-2 Surplus Buttstock - $14.00 (Gunny's Surplus)
Added: 8/20/2016 (18 months ago)
USGI M-16 A-2 buttstock, complete with sling stud and trapdoor buttplate. These have been in storage for a number of years. Available in plain, stenciled rack number, dog tag style rack number or Dremel rack number. Available in good to very good condition. Also available in flat black refinish.
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Deal Image M-16 Triangle Forearm/Hand Guard Set - $50.00 (Gunny's Surplus)
Added: 2/1/2016 (25 months ago)
USGI Triangle forearm for the M-16 and copies. Complete set available in used very good condition. Right side only available new in the package.
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