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Deal Image Tn Arms Stripped Hybrid Lower-5.6oz-Lifetime Warranty - Any Color - Free Shipping! - $44.99 (Tennessee Arms Company)
Updated: 3/30/2016 (12 months ago)
TAC Patent Pending design is Reinforced Nylon 6-6 with Marine Grade Brass threaded inserts molded into the buffer collar and pistol grip for strength and corrosion resistance.Our receivers are designed to accept any quality lower build kit. Using the Brass inserts into a high impact Nylon 6-6 receiver make the Tennessee Arms Receiver truly the Highest Strength/ Lightest weight Hybrid receiver (5.6oz stripped) on the market. We ARE the best Hybrid receiver on the market and always will be.
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Deal Image TNArms Polymer AR-10/308 Stripped Polymer Hybrid Lower Receiver/Metal Reinforcement - Various Colors - $96.00 (Tennessee Arms Company)
Added: 9/4/2015 (19 months ago)
We are proud to introduce our newest product, the AR-308. Designed to accept a DPMS pattern upper receiver and engineered with our patent pending threaded metal inserts, the AR-308 is the cutting edge of the heavy caliber rifle receivers. Made from a high-grade Nylon with fiber-reinforcement, our receiver will be lighter and more durable than the anodized aluminum receivers they are replacing.
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Deal Image Tennessee Arms -2 Pack Of Hybrid Brass/Nylon Lowers - Free Shipping! - $88.00 (Tennessee Arms Company)
Updated: 6/16/2015 (22 months ago)
Your Choice of any 2 Black or Magpul Matching Receivers-Free Shipping- Lifetime Warranty
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Deal Image Tennessee Arms Company - (5) Receiver Bundle Stripped Hybrid Nylon6-6/Brass Lower Receivers - Free Shipping! - $205.00 (Tennessee Arms Company)
Added: 3/27/2015 (24 months ago)
5 Stripped Lowers -Any Color-Free ShippingLifetime Warranty against Failure5.6oz StrippedGhost Lowers Available as a substitution for one of the lowers ($15)Ghost lowers 3.8oz Stripped Lower.
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Deal Image Colored Hybrid AR15 Lower Reciever + CMMG Single Stage LPK - Free Shipping! - $102.30 (Tennessee Arms Company)
Updated: 4/18/2014 (36 months ago)
Tennessee Arms is proud to offer our Hybrid Lower Receiver along with a CMMG Single Stage Lower Parts Kit. These are the same kits we use to populate our complete lowers, so we know fit up will be a cinch. Just use an install video from YouTube and you will be on your way to building your own lower receiver. Your Choice of FDE, Pink, Foliage, or Sand Tan Lower w/ CMMG Single Stage LPK - Free Shipping!
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