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Deal Image Rubber Mounting Strap, 3 Ply Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt - $10.00 (Scorpius Tactical)
Added: 8/10/2014 (32 months ago)
- A great alternative for hanging your steel targets! This incredibly strong heavy duty conveyor belt will take multiple hits in the same area without failure.- Shorter swing times in between shots, gong swings less than using regular chain. - Use one strap for mounting single hole gongs or two for double mounted targets.
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Deal Image 10" x 12" Curved Shooters Cut AR500 Body Armor NIJ III With fragmentation Protection - $109.00 (Scorpius Tactical)
Added: 4/30/2014 (35 months ago)
Fabricated from Level III lab certified NIJ III material. Made in the USA Every heat lot of AR500 OMEGA ARMOR is independently tested at an independent Ballistic laboratory to meet commercial ballistic standards.
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Deal Image Tough Hook, Heavy Duty Tactical Equipment Hanger - $19.95 (Scorpius Tactical)
Added: 4/27/2014 (35 months ago)
The Tough Hook Is The Most Durable Heavy Duty Tactical Equipment Hanger Ever Created! With its unique design the Tough Hook allows you to get your gear off the ground, allows you to carry it with ease, helps you stay organized and can extend the functional life of your equipment.
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Deal Image The Warrior - Light Compatible - Custom Kydex Holsters - Waistband & Conceal Carry Holsters - $80.00 (Scorpius Tactical)
Added: 3/30/2014 (36 months ago)
L.A.G.'S Light Bearing Pistol Holster is a custom design made to accommodate tactical lights attached to the rail of your firearm, preparing you and your sidearm for any situation, day or night! Versatility is key so this holster includes both a set of inside and outside the waistband belt loops.
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Deal Image DPA, 2/3 Size, 12"x 20" Certified AR500 Target 3/8" Thick, Three Mounting Holes - $80.00 (Scorpius Tactical)
Added: 3/27/2014 (36 months ago)
Best deals on AR500 Steel Targets, different sizes and shapes to choose from! Starting at $30, Free shipping when you buy two or more of any items on the site!
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Deal Image Condor, MOPC: Tactical Vest, Build Your Own Combination - AR500, Ceramic or Polyethylene Body Armor - Free Shipping - $206.95 (Scorpius Tactical)
Added: 2/27/2014 (37 months ago)
Easy to use and the best prices on body armor packages! Pick from several choices of body armor AR500, Ceramic and Ultra Light Polyethylene. Bare AR500 plates and the Condor MOPC for a low price and free shipping! Prices move up from there and with the option to add other Molle gear on the same page.
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