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Deal Image M1 Garand Complete Original Buttstock Cleaning Kit - $49.95 (M1Garand.Com)
Added: 11/23/2014 (29 months ago)
Complete Original Buttstock cleaning kit. All the original M1 cleaning gear that stores under buttplate in stock! Kit Includes: M10 tool. 4 M10 rod sections. Plastic buffer. Slotted tip. Bore Bore Brush. Finger Pouch Grease and oil tube Fits in 2 holes in stock under buttplate. No cheap cast foreign components.
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Deal Image M1 Garand Operating Rod Spring, Orion7 Stainless Steel - $8.00 (M1Garand.Com)
Updated: 7/1/2014 (33 months ago)
We went back to the original Springfield Armory drawings to duplicate the original spring with one exception. Our new springs are manufactured from the highest quality 17-7 STAINLESS STEEL wire available in the industry. Superior over the standard carbon wire springs made during the war years. We now can offer what we believe is the finest main spring ever made for the M1 Rifle! These springs are manufactured exclusively for Orion 7 Enterprises Inc. right here in the USA on state of the art machinery and using the finest quality wire on the market.
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Deal Image G12, EnBloc Clip Ejector Spring - $3.50 (M1Garand.Com)
Added: 6/21/2014 (34 months ago)
G12, EnBloc Clip Ejector Spring
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Deal Image G6, Firing Pin - $24.95 (M1Garand.Com)
Added: 6/21/2014 (34 months ago)
G6, Firing Pin
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Deal Image Accessory Package For Newly Acquired M1 Garand Rifle - $79.95 (M1Garand.Com)
Added: 3/11/2012 (61 months ago)
Comes with SD3 M1 Garand Owners Guide, 10 excellent 8 round enbloc clips, 1 cotton bandoleer with cardboards, new G82b cotton web sling and buttstock cleaning kit G79a.
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