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Deal Image Russian Mosin Nagant M91/30 Handguard - $15.95 (Military Gun Supply)
Added: 5/27/2012 (69 months ago)
European Birchwood (pictured at top) or American Walnut(pictured at bottom)
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Deal Image M24 Mosin Nagant Front Sight Blade (Tall Finnish) - $9.95 (Military Gun Supply)
Added: 5/27/2012 (69 months ago)
Tall Mosin Nagant front sight for the Finnish M24.
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Deal Image Slide Fire SSAR-15 Bump Fire Stock - $299.95 (Military Gun Supply)
Added: 3/26/2011 (83 months ago)
Slide Fire Solutions' ground breaking "Slide Fire Stock" technology and ergonomic design provide individuals the ability to Bump Fire more safely - offering another element of entertainment for recreational shooters everywhere! You can now safely and accurately bump-fire your AR-15 at an incredible rate. Each SSAR-15 comes with a Hex Key to remove the factory pistol grip, Interface Block, SSAR-15 Rifle Stock, BATFE Approval Letter, and Installation / Operation Instructions.
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Deal Image DP28 Magazine - $25.00 (Military Gun Supply)
Added: 1/29/2011 (85 months ago)
47-round 7.62x54R magazine for DP28 rifle.
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Deal Image CZ-52 Firing Pin - $13.95 (Military Gun Supply)
Added: 1/14/2011 (86 months ago)
OEM Factory New firing pin for CZ52
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Deal Image PPS-43 Barrel Support Kit - $69.95 (Military Gun Supply)
Added: 12/28/2009 (98 months ago)
New production PPS-43 Barrel support kit including bracket and installation rivets. Exact copy of the original.
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