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Deal Image Cobra Freedom .380 3in Barrel 5rd Semi-Auto Chrome Black CA380CB - $99.00 (Bud'sGunShop.com)
Updated: 12/12/2016 (1 month ago)
Cobra pistol Model: CA380 Semi-Automatic Size: Micro Compact Caliber: 380 ACP Barrel Length: 2.8 Inches Capacity: 5 Rounds Grips: Synthetic Frame: Alloy Weight: 22 Ounces Sights: Fixed
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Deal Image .32 ACP - $11.97/50 (Bud'sGunShop.com) - Cost per round: 23.9 cents
Added: 11/17/2016 (2 months ago)
Fiocchi 32AP - 73gr FMJ BR/BO/NC
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Deal Image .22 LR - $23.99/325 (Bud'sGunShop.com) - Cost per round: 7.4 cents
Updated: 11/10/2016 (2 months ago)
Federal AutoMatch Target AM22 - 40gr LR BR/RF/NC
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Deal Image 5.45x39 - $186.00/750 (Bud'sGunShop.com) - Cost per round: 24.8 cents
Added: 11/8/2016 (2 months ago)
Wolf Performance - 55gr HP PY/BE/NC
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Deal Image 9mm Luger - $8.16/50 (Bud'sGunShop.com) - Cost per round: 16.3 cents
Added: 2/3/2016 (12 months ago)
Tula TA919150 - 115gr FMJ PY/BE/NC
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Deal Image .204 Ruger - $27.45/50 (Bud'sGunShop.com) - Cost per round: 54.9 cents
Added: 10/25/2015 (15 months ago)
Fiocchi V-Max 204HVA - 32gr BT BR/BO/NC
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Deal Image .30 Luger - $20.71/50 (Bud'sGunShop.com) - Cost per round: 41.4 cents
Updated: 10/14/2015 (15 months ago)
Fiocchi 765B - 93gr SP BR/BO/NC
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Deal Image Rock Island Armory GI M1911A1 Mil Spec .45 ***Free Shipping!!*** - $399.00 (Bud'sGunShop.com)
Added: 12/7/2013 (38 months ago)
This Rock Island is a very nice basic 1911. It features all steel construction with a 5 inch barrel, GI type sights, parkerized finish, spur hammer, short trigger, flat mainspring housing, wood grips, GI guide Rod and plug, rear only vertical cocking serrations, traditional barrel/bushing set up and 70 series firing system (no firing pin safety). These guns are inexpensive, but are very well made guns. Includes hard case and 1 ACT 8 round mag.
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Deal Image SGM Tactical 50 Round Drum Mag for Glock 9MM - $79.00 (Bud'sGunShop.com)
Added: 6/22/2013 (43 months ago)
Black Polymer 50 Round Drum for Glock 9MM pistols is very cool for sure!! Very easy to load using the ratchet type finger tabs on the side. It can be loaded faster than a 33 Round Stick Magazine!
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Deal Image Chipmunk Hunter 22lr Bolt Action Pistol - Free Shipping! - $164.00 (Bud'sGunShop.com)
Updated: 6/7/2013 (44 months ago)
Chipmunk Hunter Bolt Action Pistol .22 Long Rifle 10.5 Inch Fluted Barrel Blue Finish Walnut Barracuda Stock Williams Firesights Right hand grip, left hand action. Single shot bolt action. 10.5 inch fluted barrel. Firesights. Walnut Stock - Blued Finish. Free Shipping!
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Deal Image Kahr CM9093 9mm Poly Frame/SS Slide - Free Shipping! - $359.00 (Bud'sGunShop.com)
Updated: 5/7/2013 (45 months ago)
The CM Series takes the value priced fratures from Kahr's CW series and incorporates the features into as smaller 3" barrel package. The CM9093 has the same external dimensions as the PM9093 which make it ideal for concealed carry by licensed civilians and law enforcement personnel. Ships Free!
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