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Deal Image .357 Magnum - $280.00/1,000 (D&G Reloading) - Cost per round: 28.0 cents
Added: 1/25/2009 (105 months ago)
D&G Reloading (Remanufactured) - 158gr LSWC BR/BO/NC
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Deal Image HK G3 Lower Complete Assembly - $79.99 (Centerfire Systems)
Added: 1/15/2009 (106 months ago)
HK G3 Lower Complete Pistol Grip Assembly (Black), Plastic Grip Housing, Complete With All Internal Parts
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Deal Image Muzzle Brake, Hungarian AMD65 - $35.00 (APEX Gun Parts)
Added: 11/19/2007 (120 months ago)
Original Hungarian AMD65 muzzle brake. These are used with finish wear but are still in good condition.
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Deal Image Gun Posters - $14.95 (GunArt.Net)
Added: 5/23/2007 (126 months ago)
Some nice Soviet weapon posters available at nice prices. Perfect to round out your Soviet collection.
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Deal Image Moly Resin - $39.00 (John Norrell Arms)
Added: 12/15/2006 (131 months ago)
Another firearm refinishing option. All kinds of colors, either temp cure or time cure. Price is for 8 ounces of liquid.
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Deal Image Cerama-Coat Paint - $29.99 (Midway USA)
Added: 12/15/2006 (131 months ago)
4 oz Aerosol Black. For refinishing firearms.
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Deal Image Parkerizing Kit - $29.95 (Allegheny Arsenal, Inc.)
Added: 9/18/2006 (134 months ago)
We provide all the chemicals and complete instructions in the kits. A pint of Parkerizing concentrate, 8 ounces of Cleaner Degreaser, 8 ounces of Neutralizer are included. You can refinish three to five long guns with the Home Parkerizing Kit. Reusable
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Deal Image AK Center Support for 1mm Receivers - $7.00 (AK Builder)
Added: 9/12/2006 (134 months ago)
Should work on any other .040 flat using .040 and .0625 rail combinations. Center support width 1.15"
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